How I greatly improved my memory

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Me, before:
  • I have almost no memory of the first 10 years of my life.
  • I need to see a face 10 times a day and for 60 days, in order to recognize the face. And still no guarantee I will recognize the face after a year.
  • Tell me your name now, and 5 mins later I've forgotten it. At a point, I gave up trying to commit people's names to memory. 
  • When I moved off-campus, while at FUTA, it took me days to master the route to my new house. I can't count the number of times I missed my way home. 
  • I find it impossible to remember the color of dresses.
  • The surest way to ensure that I won't figure out a thing is to describe it by its color and shape.
Me, now:
  • I still have almost no memory of the first 10 years of my life.
  • I now remember faces amazingly well. I'm often now the one reminding the other fellow that we've met before. I never imagined it could ever happen.
  • I have no trouble remembering names.
  • Once in a while, I still miss my way. But it's almost not a problem, compared with me before.
  • This is the one that gives me the most joy. I now remember colors and shapes. I even remember hair styles, occasionally. And I effortlessly remember the dresses people wear, even days after meeting them.
  • I can now visualize shapes and colors
  • I'm now very good at matching voices and faces. I hear your voice, and immediately your name and face come up in my head. It's like a miracle.
How did I come about this miracle?


I simply started doing the following things --

1. Physical Exercise
You can read about how I got my six packs.
The latest discovery in neuroscience is that physical exercise improves memory more than memory/mental exercise. 
Though I started my physical exercise regimen in order to have a V body shape, it has given me a better memory too.

2. Positive Stress
Yeah. I work for about 11 hours per work day. Fortunately, it's time spent on tasks I enjoy. So I get to do very challenging stuffs everyday  and find them as fun. I get to do all the weird and creative stuffs at work (special thanks to my boss). So everyday I get a good dose of feel good hormones, the ones that promote brain growth and ultimately, improve memory.

3. Brush with my left hand
I've been brushing my teeth daily with my left hand for over 2 years. Why? I am left-brained. And any task that makes me use my left limbs more unlocks hidden abilities. One of the hidden ability, brushing with my left hand has unlocked is my color and shape visualization. 

And those were the three simple things that brought about that miracle.

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  1. u r funny, but there lies some words of wisdom. on d contrary, the fact it worked out for you that way , doesn't mean, it would for me.


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