How to be your own geek

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In today's post, I'm going to show you the easy steps to becoming your own geek. 
By following these steps you will be able to fix most of your computer problems, laptop problems, internet problems, phone problems, and electronic device problems yourself.

Guess what has gotten me the most hugs? Especially from ladies. Last year I [sort of] got an online hug. Full gist here
And as for my question, it is fixing e-issues. 

I've got a senior friend. He's a manager at Microsoft. Whenever I tell him I can't fix an issue he needs my help on, he simply says -- "So when should I call you back? Tomorrow or Friday?" 
Even my boss at work says, "It's you Michael. You'll figure it out." Then the next day, the first thing he'll say to me is -- "Michael, how far?" He wants an update.
And I've got one or two friends who believe I can fix anything.

So today, I'll be sharing the tricks that have made me my own geek (and other people's geek too).

1. Google It.
Once in a while, I clear my browser history. I don't want people stumbling on my Google search histories. There's nothing I have thought about that I haven't googled. There's no issue (life or gadget issue) that I haven't googled.
From what body cream to use to how to breathe while swimming. Sometimes, even before I think about a matter, I google it. And when it comes to gadget issues, let google do your thinking for you. You'll be amazed by how simple the solutions to most of your e-issues are.

2. Always read product manuals.
That way, you'll have less e-issues and be able to connect more with your gadgets. My Blackberry phone hardly does the annoying timer icon freeze. Why? I read it's manual. 

3. Put yourself in it's shoes.
I often get complaints from friends and colleagues about their laptops. They say it's becoming unbearably slow. The first question I ask them is --"When you're done using it, do you shutdown or hibernate?" The answer is almost always -- hibernate. The human equivalent of hibernating is dozing at your desk at work. Now try substituting that for sleeping on a bed, and for weeks. Yeah, that's just what the laptop is also feeling like.

4. Do a little thinking
Gadgets are more rational that humans. You car will never breakdown just because it woke up on the wrong side of its bed [hmm, any idea what a car's bed is?]. 
Give your e-issue a little thinking and you'll see the signs it has been giving you and what needs to be done.

5. Google Again
Yeah, google every step.
If you've never gotten a half page search result from google before (less than 10 results for your search term) then you don't know how powerful Google is.

And those are the simple steps to being your own geek.


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