Have you ever experienced a mental rebirth?

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I remember saying that if I had been born during the stone age I wouldn't have made it to adulthood; I would have made an easy lunch for a saber-toothed tiger. 
It was while giving my Ice Breaker speech at Lighthouse Toastmasters Club.

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My mum says I was the sweetest baby. Not in any bit troublesome. Eats anything. Plays by itself. And everyone's favorite. 
But as I grew older, I was extremely slow in adjusting to the world around me. And at school I got the label of the dumbest kid. And my school reports only gave credit to that label. My mum had to change my school to avoid me repeating a class again. Then when she was sick of it all, especially the comments from friends and neighbors, she decided to toughen me a bit. Sent me to go hawk pure water in a nearby market. I got lost in the market and made a loss too. 
School was no fun. And I even have no memories of my primary school.

Then came the first miracle of my life. In JSS 3 (I think), I suddenly brightened up and moved from the bottom of the class to almost the top of the class. Nothing else had changed in my life. Not my parents. Not my studying habit. Nothing. It was my first mental rebirth. I had suddenly become book smart.

In my first year at the University, another one happened. My second mental rebirth. I suddenly changed from the very dumb guy to a smart guy. But still socially inept. However, it triggered the third mental rebirth. It was a slow one. Gradually, I became less socially inept. And discovered that I could speed read people. And at a time I was obsessed with it till I lost an online friend who had been helping me with my physics study via Yahoo Physics chatroom. He was scared by the sudden change and said I was trying to hypnotize him. It was very painful; I stopped. Since then I stopped probing into other people's lives either via [calculated] guesses or questions. 

Now people find it hard to imagine that there was a time I was at the rock bottom of my class. And there were over 5 of those times.
Occasionally, I hear people compliment me as being very smart/brainy. I would have given my very eyes to be regarded as such while growing up. 
And now, I'm as social as I want to be. But while in the University, I was as unsocial as anybody could be.

There's still one rebirth I long for -- from a tone-deaf guy to Yanni.

And you? Have you experienced any remarkable mental rebirth?


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