Tell me, what do you think about online shopping?

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Last week I got a Dealdey N1,000 credit. For free. The next day I went online, to Dealdey's site. I saw a 2 course meal for N1,500. And with my N1,000 credit, it will cost me just N500. 

But what did I do?
I pressed Windows + L on my keyboard to lock my PC, and left for Bukha Hut to eat my usual lunch -- Jollof Rice + Spaghetti + Croaker Fish + Chivita Juice. Same thing Monday to Friday, every week.

I buy books online, lots of books. I once bought a book that wasn't yet published; it's called a rough cut; you get the final version later (after the publishing). I recently bought a book few days after it was published. And there was a month I spent half of my salary on books. For 4 years now, I buy all my books online. 

Until last month, books, music and movies were the only stuffs I have bought while shopping online. But last month, I bought some clothes on 

Why did I pass on the great deal of having a 2 course meal for N500? Somehow, I still find it odd to order food online. And lunch in particular. 

There's a store I get my shirts at. Jumia has the same shirts for less. I still go to that store.

Last month, I placed adverts from Jumia on my blog. They were viewed for close to a million times and clicked hundreds of times. Yet I got zilch. Nobody bought anything. It got me thinking about the entire online shopping industry in Nigeria.
The Dealdey promo cost a million naira for every 1000 people they credited 1000 naira. Jumia is burning cash on Google Ads. I get mails from several other online stores. And I wonder -- do these guys make any profit?

Anyway, today's post is not about me. It's about you, my esteemed reader.
Do you regularly shop online?


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