Do you follow up on a new acquaintance?

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We all know that popular statement: Your network determines your net worth.
I wish the statement is not true. It will greatly reduce the chance of people like me having a high net worth. 

I know all the rules, I just find some of them extremely difficult to do --

  • When you meet a person for the first time, make sure you memorize his name. (I've been successful with this part, I even find it fun.)
  • Be very pleasant, smile and try to connect. (Though I occasionally fail to connect, I am always pleasant and smiling).
  • Exchange contacts, particularly business cards. (I'll score myself an A in this. I have always had a business card since my first job; all depicting me as some professional in something. I'm sure my boss won't even know the card is mine if he sees it, he'll think it's for another Michael Olafusi).
  • Be memorable, make it easy for the other guy to remember you. (Another A for me. Even on the occasions I didn't connect, I ended being memorable in an unpleasant way. They always remember me.)
  • Do a follow-up call, send a follow-up mail or SMS to tell the other guy that it was a pleasure meeting him. (Even though I know this, I hardly do it. The sad part is even when the other guy calls me back, I hardly pick up or call back.)
  • Keep in touch via emails, LinkedIn or even Facebook. Always send a birthday message, Easter message, Christmas message or New Year message. (I score myself F in this. I even wiped off my birthday from Facebook because I avoid sending or receiving birthday messages.)
  • Always reply to messages and call back when you missed your new contact's call. (I don't call back. I sometimes don't reply to messages.)
  • Keep the details of your contacts, have a sort of a Rolodex. Never lose anyone's contact. (Now that's the one thing I'm perfect at. I don't lose people's contacts. I have the contacts of everybody that I've met since 2005. In fact, I keep multiple copies of people's contacts. There are some of my friends that I have all the phone numbers they have ever used. The only issue is I don't call them.)
  • Meet-up once in a while, in person. (I avoid this. And for no reasonable reason.)
And you? Do you find following up after meeting a new person fun?


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