The Strange Thing About Creativity

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Peter Thiel, one of the most respected tech entrepreneur and investor behind some of the big global tech companies, says creativity is going from zero to one. From nothing to something. He further explains by saying it is easy for anyone to add to something already existing, to improve on an idea, to build on something old and to go from one to ten. And I completely agree.

The hardest part of my daily blogging is figuring out what to write about. The days I have it easiest are the days that I already know what to write - be it a tutorial I had already done, announcement of an event or talking about something remarkable that happened the day before. But for my very creative posts, it's not at all easy. I only get inspiration at about 7:00am. So whenever I have a training class or meeting and need to leave home before 7:00am, it's a big trouble. I will end up not being able to sleep as I will spend the entire night trying to come up with something to write, trying to trigger that inspiration that comes only at 7:00am. And I seldom succeed. Most times I just settle for building on something I have done before or do an announcement.

That is why I have decided to share today the strange things I have discovered about creativity.

1. Creativity is not effort based. No matter the effort I put in I never get as much creative writing done as when I get the inspiration at 7:00am.

2. Creativity is a habit. My creative writing skill is formed out of a discipline and dedication that is now a habit.

3. Creativity hates limitations and planning. I have never been able to plan my creative posts ahead. The ideas strike me at their own time and flow out in a way I can't predetermine. I often don't know how my writing will end or what points/arguments it will have till I am done writing it. And it's why my posts are sometimes harsh or too direct.

4. Creativity is separate from the personality of the vessel/author. Whoever tries to figure me out from my writings is going to have a wierd image of me. Sometimes, what I write shocks me. There is me and there is my work, and we are very different.

5. Creativity is unbridled and disruptive. Not only is creativity hateful of limitations and planning, it usually heads in a direction that raises eyebrows. It makes you do what will make others wonder why.

And those are the strange things about creativity.


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