Progress On My Stock Analysis Web Application

I am happy to announce that I have made some remarkable progress with my Stock Analysis web application. You can check it out at

It is the first major phase of the stock analysis application. I have put in place an automated system of gathering the daily price, volume of trade, market capitalization, shares outstanding, price to earning ratio, dividend, return on equity and return on invested capital. And then displaying them in a searchable way and with past records. You should check it out:

To get this part done, I created a python script that run daily to gather those data about all the stocks on the Nigerian Stock Exchange and post them to a SQL server database. Then I have a C# program that extracts those records and make them available for HTML and JavaScript to display as a web page.

This gave me a much needed practice of my Python learning and JavaScript. It has motivated me to switch my IoT programming learning from Windows 10 IoT C# based platform to Raspian and Python for my Raspberry Pi projects. For Arduino, the only choice is C on Sketch.

Some of you might wonder why I'm putting so much in these hobby-like activities. The truth is they are the future. The same way computers started like a hobbyist play thing and is now so big that entire industries are built on it. That's the same way things will pan out for IoT. I already have plans of how to make sell-able products and services from it. So it's not a play thing for me but a very big deal.

The same approach I am taking towards my software development learning is what I am planning to take towards my IoT learning. I don't plan to do projects for individuals or one company at a time. No. I have tried that model with my Excel programming and it sucks. My plan is a mass market product/software/service. Something I create once and sell to almost everyone. I tried it with my online Excel training and it worked beautifully.

Next phase for the Stock Analysis app is to build the technical analysis section. I will give you updates when I have progressed well or completed that too.

Thanks for the (silent) encouragements!


  1. Hush.... This is a silent encouragement.... Bravo!Mon ami(in whispers...) Lol!

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