Smile Internet vs Spectranet vs Swift Internet: Data Plan Price, Coverage And Speed


Data BundleValidityNetworkCost
25 MB1 dayMTNN50 (114 to 131)
25 MB1 dayAirtelN50 (*141*50#)
25 MB1 dayGloN50/27MB (*777#)
75 MB1 dayMTNN100 (104 to 131)
75 MB1 dayAirtelN100 (*141*100#)
75 MB1 dayGloN100/90MB (*777#)
1 GB1 dayMTNN300 (155 to 131)
1 GB1 dayAirtelN300 (*141*354#)
1 GB1 dayGloN300 (*777#)
1 GB1 daySmileN350
200 MB2 daysMTNN200 (113 to 131)
200 MB2 daysAirtelN200/3 days (*141*200#)
200 MB2 daysGloN200/240MB (*777#)
200 MB2 days9MobileN200 (*229*3*11#)
2 GB2 daysMTNN500 (154 to 131)
2 GB2 daysGloN500 (*777#)
2 GB2 days9MobileN500 (*229*3*4#)
Unlimited2 daysNtelN1,500
350 MB7 daysMTNN300 (102 to 133)
350 MB7 daysAirtelN300 (*141*300#)
750 MB7 daysMTNN500 (103 to 131)
750 MB7 daysAirtelN500 (*141*500#)
1 GB7 daysMTNN500 (142 to 131)
1 GB7 daysAirtelN500 (*141*502#)
1 GB7 days9MobileN500 (*229*2*1#)
1 GB7 daysSwiftN520
2 GB7 daysAirtelN500 (*141*504#)
2 GB7 daysSwiftN1,020
2 GB7 daysSmileN1,020
6 GB7 daysMTNN1,500 (143 to 131)
6 GB7 daysAirtelN1,500 (*141*1504#)
6 GB7 daysGloN1,500/7GB (*777#)
6 GB7 days9MobileN1,500/7GB (*229*2*2#)
6 GB7 daysSpectranetN4,000
7 GB7 daysSwiftN1,530
Unlimited7 daysNtelN5,200
800 MB14 daysGloN500 (*777#)
1 GB15 daysSwiftN3,070
500 MB30 days9MobileN500 (*229*2*12#)
1 GB30 daysNtelN500
1.5 GB30 daysMTNN1,000 (106 to 131)
1.5 GB30 daysAirtelN1,000 (*141*1000#)
1.5 GB30 daysGloN1000/1.9GB (*777#)
1.5 GB30 daysSmileN1,020
2 GB30 daysMTNN1,200 (130 to 131)
2 GB30 daysAirtelN1,200 (*141*1200#)
2 GB30 days9MobileN1,200 (*229*2*7#)
2 GB30 daysNtelN1,000
2 GB30 daysSwiftN1,025
2.5 GB30 daysSwiftN1,230
3 GB30 daysMTNN1,500 (131 to 131)
3 GB30 daysAirtelN1,500 (*141*1500#)
3 GB30 daysGloN1,500/3.5GB (*777#)
3 GB30 days9MobileN1,500 (*229*2*3#)
3 GB30 daysSwiftN2,040
4 GB30 daysSwiftN1,530
4 GB30 daysSpectranetN3,070
4.5 GB30 daysMTNN2,000 (110 to 131)
4.5 GB30 daysAirtelN2,000 (*141*2000#)
4.5 GB30 daysGloN2,000/5.2GB (*777#)
4.5 GB30 days9MobileN2,000 (*229*2*8#)
4.5 GB30 daysNtelN2,000
5 GB30 daysSmileN3,070
5 GB30 daysSpectranetN3,580
6 GB30 daysMTNN2,500 (147 to 131)
6 GB30 daysAirtelN2,500 (*141*2500#)
6 GB30 daysGloN2,500/6.8GB (*777#)
6 GB30 daysSwiftN2,050
7 GB30 daysSmileN4,090
7 GB30 daysSpectranetN5,115
8 GB30 daysAirtelN3,000 (*141*3000#)
8 GB30 daysGloN3,000/9GB (*777#)
8 GB30 daysSwiftN2,550
10 GB30 daysMTNN3,500 (107 to 131)
10 GB30 daysNtelN4,000
11 GB30 daysAirtelN4,000 (*141*4000#)
11 GB30 daysGloN4,000/12.25GB (*777#)
11 GB30 days9MobileN4,000 (*229*2*36#)
11 GB30 daysSmileN5,110
12 GB30 daysSwiftN3,580
12 GB30 daysSpectranetN6,140
15 GB30 daysMTNN5,000 (116 to 131)
15 GB30 daysAirtelN5,000 (*141*5000#)
15 GB30 daysGloN5,000/17GB (*777#)
15 GB30 days9MobileN5,000 (*229*2*37#)
15 GB30 daysSmileN6,140
15 GB30 daysSpectranetN7,165
18 GB30 daysSwiftN5,630
20 GB30 daysSwiftN20,000
20 GB30 daysSmileN8,190/21GB
25 GB30 daysGloN8,000/27.5GB (*777#)
25 GB30 daysNtelN8,000/24GB
25 GB30 daysSpectranetN10,235
27 GB30 daysSwiftN9,730
30 GB30 daysSwiftN22,000
30 GB30 daysSmileN11,260/31GB
35 GB30 daysSwiftN25,000
40 GB30 daysMTNN10,000 (117 to 131)
40 GB30 daysAirtelN10,000 (*141*10000#)
40 GB30 daysGloN10,000/46GB (*777#)
40 GB30 days9MobileN10,000 (*229*4*1#)
40 GB30 daysSwiftN12,790
40 GB30 daysSpectranetN12,795
45 GB30 daysSwiftN10,250
50 GB30 daysSwiftN35,000
50 GB30 daysSpectranetN13,305
55 GB30 daysSwiftN12,300
60 GB30 daysSwiftN18,940
60 GB30 daysSpectranetN15,355
75 GB30 daysMTNN15,000 (150 to 131)
75 GB30 daysAirtelN15,000 (*141*15000#)
75 GB30 daysGloN15,000/86GB (*777#)
75 GB30 days9MobileN15,000 (*229*2*4#)
80 GB30 daysSwiftN23,540
90 GB30 daysSwiftN17,930
100 GB30 daysGloN18,000/109GB (*777#)
100 GB30 daysSwiftN22,520
100 GB30 daysSpectranetN18,425
110 GB30 daysMTNN20,000 (149 to 131)
110 GB30 daysAirtelN20,000 (*141*20000#)
120 GB30 daysGloN20,000/126GB (*777#)
125 GB30 daysSwiftN27,130
150 GB 30 daysSwiftN30,710
200 GB30 daysSpectranetN38,390
300 GB30 daysSpectranetN56,820
Unlimited30 daysNtelN18,500
Unlimited30 daysSwiftN19,500
Unlimited30 daysSmileN24,000
30 GB58 daysSmileN15,350
60 Gb59 daysSmileN30,700
75 GB60 daysMTNN20,000 (118 to 131)
80 GB60 daysSmileN40,950
120 GB60 daysMTNN30,000 (138 to 131)
150 GB90 daysMTNN50,000 (133 to 131)
250 GB90 daysMTNN75,000 (134 to 131)
Unlimited180 daysNtelN100,000
10 GB365 daysSmileN8,190
20 GB365 daysSmileN16,380
50 GB365 daysSmileN36,850
100 GB365 daysSmileN71,650
200 GB365 daysSmileN138,200
400 GB365 daysMTNN120,000 (156 to 131)
1000 GB365 daysMTNN250,000 (136 to 131)
2000 GB365 daysMTNN450,000 (137 to 131)
Unlimited365 daysNtelN195,000



Going by price per data (GB), Swift is the winner. For each similar bundle plan, Swift's is cheaper than Spectranet's and way cheaper than Smile's.

Only Smile's N19,800 unlimited plan can be considered a rival. And that's if you don't mind the speed cap/limit of 4mbps for the first 100GB data usage, 2mbps for the next 100GB and 512kpbs for the rest of the month, then it might be your best plan. Currently, it is what I am using. I just got Smile two weeks ago and I have tried out its 5GB plan that gives you extra 5GB night data. Now I am on the unlimited plan and it seems to be doing great despite the speed cap.

Below is Spectranet plan:
Plan NamePlan CostPlan/DataAdditional BonusValidityAccess
Unified Value 7GBN5,0007GBNilMonthly24 x 7
Unified Value 15GBN7,00015GBNilMonthly24 x 7
Unified Value 25GBN10,00025GB*Free Unlimited Night browsingMonthly24 x 7
Unified Value 55GBN20,00055GB*Free Unlimited Night browsingMonthly24 x 7
Unified Value 110GBN40,000110GB*Free Unlimited Night browsingMonthly24 x 7
Unified Value 200GBN70,000200GB*Free Unlimited Night browsingMonthly24 x 7
Unified Nite Value 20GB N7,50020GBNilMonthly7pm – 7am
Unified Nite Value 40GB N11,00040GBNilMonthly7pm – 7am
*Free Unlimited Night browsing between 1am - 7am
*All Nite Plans have 24 hours access on weekend and Public Holidays
I currently use the 25GB that comes with free unlimited night browsing at N10,000 on my Spectranet. I might not renew when it finishes this month end as I am now on Smile unlimited plan.

Below is Smile data plan:

  1. N1,000 for 1GB with a 30 days validity and 2mbps cap
  2. N3,000 for 3GB with a 30 days validity
  3. N5,000 for 5GB with a 30 days validity
  4. N9,000 for 10GB with a 30 days validity
  5. N17,000 for 20GB with a 12 months validity
  6. N19,800 for unlimited plan with a 30 days validity and speed limit of 4mbps for the first 100GB, 2mbps for the next 100GB and 512kbps for the remainder of the month
  7. N36,000 for 50GB with a 12 months validity
  8. N70,000 for 100GB with a 12 months validity
  9. N135,000 for 200GB with a 12 months validity

With the exception of the unlimited plan, Smile has got the most ridiculously expensive data price. Glo most be smoking them out even it those states they've got coverage advantage over Spectranet and Swift.

Below is the Swift data plan:

  1. N500 (Swift Budget) for 750MB with 7 days validity
  2. N2000 (Swift Budget Plus) for 3GB (don't know the validity period but will assume it's also for 7 days)
  3. N4,000 (Swift Economy) for 6GB (should be for 30 days validity)
  4. N7,000 (Swift Essential) for 30GB with 30 days validity
  5. N10,000 (Swift Club) for 50GB with 30 days validity
  6. N15,000 (Swift Premium) for 65GB with 30 days validity
  7. N20,000 (Swift Elite) for 100GB with 30 days validity
  8. N25,000 (Swift ElitePlus) for 125GB with 30 days validity
I used to be on the N7,000 Swift Essential plan but it finishes too quick I began doubting if it's really 30GB it comes with. Now I am on the N500 Swift Budget. I plan to use it for my webinar streaming as Swift has the best speed (almost crazy high) speed in my location.


Smile is the winner for coverage. It is in the most number of states in Nigeria and even within Lagos there are many places only Smile works.

After Smile is Spectranet. But if you plan going beyond Abuja and Port Harcourt then Smile is a better choice. Forget about Swift for beyond Lagos.

3. Speed

For speed, I think it is a tie between Swift and Smile. I have done speed tests and Swift has the highest speed among them all in the places it works very well. Smile ties with Swift because it's speed is also high and more consistent than Swift.

And that's my practical comparison among the three major 4G internet providers in Nigeria.


  1. You didn't mention swift's unlimited night it's amazing and blazing fast like 5MBps soo so fast

  2. Great post man very elaborate and informative, thanks for the information. I am using smile unlimited lite N10,000 at the moment and like you I am heavy on downloading but it started to be annoyingly slow after only 20gb of usage, so slow it's frustrating. However, I still think your analysis is adequate for Smile. I look forward to trying the N19,800 unlimited plan, hopefully it will be worth it as stated above, thanks.

  3. Thanks for your clear and in-depth analysis.

    So I read this and it's quite clear.

    Do you have updates on this as some things could have changed in the last 8 months of this article?

    1. Hi,

      Yes, things have changed for Spectranet especially. They now have an unlimited plan at N18,000 per month and it is what I now use. Best value for money is my experience with them, even better than the higher price Smile (N19,800).

  4. you need to add spectranet's unlimited plan for =N=18,000m which is capped at 100GB and then the next GB is between 1mbp/s to 4mpb/s

  5. The data plans and prices have changed now.. What are your new recommdations.

    1. I use Spectranet Unlimited (N18,000 per month). Swift still has the fastest speed.

  6. Please have you tried using spectranet around areas like Alagbado or Ajao estate?

  7. Spectranet are thiefs. They will promise you 100% bonus which will disappear as magic during your surfing. How i caught them is that before any recharge i login to my router and clear all the byte used resetting i to 0MB. when i make a purchase and anytime my data got finished i login to selfcare and compare the volume of data i exahusted with the one on the router login. i discovered that the margin is way too high. Example router records I exhausted only 4GB while selfcare says its 10gb. Thats outrageous and scam

  8. Which is d overall best now cos I neeytne get one for myself today.
    Pls, I need help on this.
    I live at Isolo.

  9. I need one too but I am debating on either Spec or Smile... I wont make any damn mistake until the real men speak

  10. I was ripped off by spectranet. On the 27/11/2018 I paid N25,000 for a new modem + unlimited gold but I got 40GB instead. I was asked to pay additional N13,000 to change my plan from 40GB to my initial unlimited gold plan. today 04/12/2018, I have paid the total of N38,000 for unlimited gold plan which was advertised for N18,000. I called the customer care but the guy Ade Adebayo of the customer care said and I quote " oga...fuck off my phone" This is not only a scam but the worst customer experience I've ever had in the whole world.

    1. You can take up the Company and the guy up if actually the guy responded to you that way. My opinion

  11. Which one is has the fastest speed now and what the plan now

  12. What is the price difference now on unlimited data,speed and coverage as I am thinking of getting myself one?
    Thanks in advance

  13. I'm about getting one.i do Skype overseas stuff, between swift and spectranet, which is better

    1. Spectranet is usually cheaper. Better is often determined by location. Best to test both at your location to know which to go for.

  14. Which isp is the best as of December 2020 for Owode-Onirin axis, Lagos in terms of speed and connectivity?


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