How Well My Book Is Doing On Amazon

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I slept at around 3:00am. I was busy working on creating the hardcopy/print version of my book for sale on Amazon US, UK and German marketplace. I had to reformat the book to a 6" by 9" book format and submit to CreateSpace for hardcopy publication. 

And what motivated me to do this?

Yesterday, I got alerts from Amazon for the payment for sales of my book across their global marketplace. A book I had forgotten I had on sale, and all the while I was busy doing other things the book was also busy earning me extra income. I felt motivated. I updated the book with new chapters and began working on the hardcopy version to be priced at $45 on Amazon.

Currently, the book is ranking as number 127 for Amazon Microsoft Excel book category and that is fantastic for a book I am not promoting, and considering there are probably thousands of Microsoft Excel books.

Now I am going to promote the book using paid adverts on Amazon and, hopefully, sales should rise. 

It has motivated me to complete my unfinished novel. I am now reviewing/reading the novel to bring myself up to speed with the theme and get back in sync to be able to write the remaining chapters. I have no doubt that it will also sell on Amazon.

That my book is doing well on Amazon is again a validation of my new strategy of building products I can mass sell. I am grateful to God and Amazon. Next would be to make into a published book from my Financial Modelling training manual.


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