Be Yourself: Like Who You Are And What You Do.

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Yesterday, I was innocently checking through my Facebook feed, taking a break from my no-break work. Was even in a good mood. We placed an advert online about our next month's training in Lagos and Abuja, and a lot of phone calls and inquiry emails came in. So I had been working crazy hard and just wanted a break. Instead of coming across relaxing posts and the funny videos Facebook is now becoming a fountain of, I came across this YNaija analysis of Linda Ikeji's income -- The Media Blog: Let’s explain to you how EXACTLY Linda Ikeji makes her millions
  It ruined my break and almost ruined my day. 

Logically, it shouldn't have. They did a very believable breakdown of how Linda Ikeji easily makes over N600 million naira a year and millions a day just from her blog. Logically, I should be happy and motivated by the knowledge that it's possible to make that huge amount from uncomplicated online activities. In fact, I have been a beneficiary of her blog success. That advert I talked about, getting us lots of phone calls and inquiries, was placed on Linda Ikeji's blog. And is the main reason we are confident that Abuja training will successfully hold. Lagos class is on course to being fully booked.

So why was I sad?

It was the other side to it. She seems to be sweatlessly doing extremely well. That amount is more than what even the CEO of Dangote Cement (paid in dollars) earn. Like over x10 of his salary. It made all my hardwork look like dumb work. I have always been proud of how much I am able to squeeze into one day and the tough daily drill I follow. But here is someone getting a lot more from her efforts without having to do any out-of-this world stuff (complex stuff).

Then I got lucky last night. I watched the movie Gridlocked on Netflix. 


It brought back my good mood and removed the jealous feeling the article gave me. One has to be himself, like who he is and what he does. Other things are secondary. If that bit isn't there, frustration is guaranteed. Just imagine how much media backlash and negative public attention Linda Ikeji gets. I wouldn't survive them. She seems to be thoroughly enjoying them 'cos even when people let her be, she goes and look for their trouble --  Wizkid, #SaveMayowa ...

I think I am myself. I love who I am and what I do. Maybe, working 24/7 is part of who I am. Truth is I feel sick if I don't work almost all day. It's like I have wasted a big chunk of the day. I also love the complex sounding things I do. I understand them very well and do them even when they don't earn me money.

I remember in 2012. I tried to be like Linda Ikeji. I started a news breaking blog. It did very well. Better than my own personal blog that had been in existence for three years then. Now the Twitter has over 72,000 followers. But I quit the blog in just four months. I couldn't do it anymore. I was doing it just for money. No passion or love for it. I was getting some results but I wasn't enjoying it. It just wasn't who I am.


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