Heading To Lagos Business School Today.

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The cool thing about being a consultant is that you are able to take on most of the opportunities that come your way. You'll have a very open mind, can say anything without fear of what your employer will think and can be in business discussion with everyone. There is no penalty for switching from one company to another too often -- in fact it strengthens your profile/CV rather than make it look bad.

So today I will be exploring an opportunity that recently presented itself. The possibility of collaborating with a senior lecturer (assistant professor) at Lagos Business School. I am hoping it works out well as it would be a new experience for me. So far, I have had dealings with oil and gas companies, telecommunications companies, banks, FMCGs, and all the other major industries except Media/Publishing and Academic.

I am currently consulting for an NGO research company trying to pivot to being an active academic organization, but until the pivoting is completely done, today will be my first and only significant dealing with the Academic sphere as a consultant.

I won't be able to give too much details now and will be also careful as to what details I give of the outcome too. But you can be sure I will share whatever big interesting non-personal (to the other party) news that emerge from this.

Wish me luck!


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