My Experience With Pokemon Go

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So I finally joined the Pokemon Go train. (You can install Pokemon Go on your iPhone and Android phones).

 In fact, I have managed to catch some Pokemon but it wasn't as easy as I was expecting.

Catching Pokemon is fun, especially when they don't break free. It is finding them that is the hard work.

So how does the game work?

After you install it, you start it and set up your avatar (your player). Then you start walking about looking for Pokemon. Lol. Actually, after launching the game and setting up your avatar, your first Pokemon will come to you. Then you'll catch it by tapping on it, tapping and flipping a Pokemon ball at it. If you are lucky it won't break free and you'll get points.

I have faced eight Pokemons and caught three successfully. Five broke free after I caught them (very painful).

At church yesterday, Archbishop Vining Memorial Anglican Church Ikeja, the game was showing me that the nearest Pokemons were at Muri Okunola park VI and Civic Center VI. I was thinking of driving down there but the thought of seeing the Pokemons break free kicked the idea out of my head.

You should try the game, though I find it somewhat addictive. It locked down about 45 mins of my time yesterday as I was hunting for Pokemons and I even almost left for VI to catch the two it showed me were at Muri Okunola Park and Civic Center.


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  1. lol @ You nearly left for VI to hunt for pokemons...... Demons are playing games with you bro. lol


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