Done With My World Clock Web Application

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Spent the most of yesterday building a world clock application. It is one of my many web application ideas. Now I can tick three out of my 19 web application ideas as done.

The world clock idea is about having in one convenient place a way to check the current time in all the major cities of the world and Nigeria. So if you have an uncle in USA that you want to call and you just want to be sure that you are not calling him in the middle of the night (maybe you need a favour from him and calling him in the middle of the night will work against you). It could be that you have friends and colleagues in China and you want to discuss with them a new sizzling idea you have. Same with Dubai and India. And there are those countries where you've got to manually tune your clock every year -- turning it one hour ahead or one hour back. Is London one hour ahead of us or exactly same time as Nigeria? If you answered one hour ahead, you are wrong. Currently, London is same time with us. DST. If you don't want to get caught up with those little timezone errors, then you are the very one I have made the app for.

You can access it at

And it works like a conventional wall clock. The second, minute and hour hands move. Do check it out, even on your phone:

I am very happy with my progress.

I am also making good progress with my stock analysis application. I have been able to warehouse daily stock price and trading data of all the companies listed on the Nigerian Stock Exchange. My next major step is to build the front-end of the stock analysis app.

If you've got ideas of what you would like to see me build, please share. Thanks!


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