Get An Edge; Keep It Sharp.

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Increasingly, people are rewarded and valued for knowing a lot about something than knowing something about a lot.

Even when you take a look at the world's most valuable companies, they are no longer the companies doing almost everything -- conglomerates. The top positions are now grabbed by companies who do mainly one thing and do it extremely -- Apple, Google, Samsung, Amazon and Microsoft.


So how do you get an edge?

You start first with seeing what no one else is seeing, which then drives you to do what no one else is doing and by the time everyone else sees the opportunity you saw you will already be way ahead of them all.

Think about it. There used to be a time that just getting a university degree was a big edge. Now it isn't anymore. Everyone has one. 

There used to be a time that getting an MBA was a big deal. Now it's no longer that much of a big deal. Almost everyone is getting one now.

There used to be a time that being hardworking was enough to rise in one's career. Now, it is no longer enough. For every hardworking employee there are five equally hardworking unemployed people willing to take his position for less than half his salary.

To get an edge, you have to look for where everyone will want to be in a few years time. You have to position yourself for the future. Pick an area that will become hot in a few years' time. Put a lot of hard work into bettering yourself in that area. Start before everyone and put in a lot of dedication. Your progress will be slow because you will have much less resources than others will have when that field eventually blows up. So you must be willing to break through rock and make it work. That's how you keep your edge sharp.

Finally, when the world gets to see what you saw and start going for it, you will be the one reaping most of the rewards. You will be the go-to expert and highly sought-after consultant. And better if you can make a product to sell to them because that will be the equivalent of minting cash.


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