How I spent my mid-Term-break

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As you probably know, I'm serving (NYSC) as a Teacher in Basic Junior Secondary School, Elebele, Bayelsa state.
Well, I gave my (year 1 or JSS1) students an assignment, to write an essay on how they spent their mid-term break.
Here is one of my favorite -

How I spent my mid Term break First. In the morning when I was asleep my mom wake me up and told me to go and take my baet and I woke up and took my baet and I woke up and took my baet dress up and my father and mom tuok me and go to yenegia. First thing I sour is Children dancing. Not only that I sour my friends. So day told me to dance. So I danced and win a prise. called Clock I was so happy I have fun and I see more than that my mom also took me to misstabiss I eat and drink with my friends many many fun that I have I sweem in sweeming pull God I so much love my perence because day give The best thing in life I have much fun. I sour father Crissmass two mony things. that is How I spend my MID TERM BREAK,
God buy

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