Spectranet, Smile, Swift and Cobranet plans, price and conditions of use


Data BundleValidityNetworkCost
25 MB1 dayMTNN50 (114 to 131)
25 MB1 dayAirtelN50 (*141*50#)
25 MB1 dayGloN50/27MB (*777#)
75 MB1 dayMTNN100 (104 to 131)
75 MB1 dayAirtelN100 (*141*100#)
75 MB1 dayGloN100/90MB (*777#)
1 GB1 dayMTNN300 (155 to 131)
1 GB1 dayAirtelN300 (*141*354#)
1 GB1 dayGloN300 (*777#)
1 GB1 daySmileN350
200 MB2 daysMTNN200 (113 to 131)
200 MB2 daysAirtelN200/3 days (*141*200#)
200 MB2 daysGloN200/240MB (*777#)
200 MB2 days9MobileN200 (*229*3*11#)
2 GB2 daysMTNN500 (154 to 131)
2 GB2 daysGloN500 (*777#)
2 GB2 days9MobileN500 (*229*3*4#)
Unlimited2 daysNtelN1,500
350 MB7 daysMTNN300 (102 to 133)
350 MB7 daysAirtelN300 (*141*300#)
750 MB7 daysMTNN500 (103 to 131)
750 MB7 daysAirtelN500 (*141*500#)
1 GB7 daysMTNN500 (142 to 131)
1 GB7 daysAirtelN500 (*141*502#)
1 GB7 days9MobileN500 (*229*2*1#)
1 GB7 daysSwiftN520
2 GB7 daysAirtelN500 (*141*504#)
2 GB7 daysSwiftN1,020
2 GB7 daysSmileN1,020
6 GB7 daysMTNN1,500 (143 to 131)
6 GB7 daysAirtelN1,500 (*141*1504#)
6 GB7 daysGloN1,500/7GB (*777#)
6 GB7 days9MobileN1,500/7GB (*229*2*2#)
6 GB7 daysSpectranetN4,000
7 GB7 daysSwiftN1,530
Unlimited7 daysNtelN5,200
800 MB14 daysGloN500 (*777#)
1 GB15 daysSwiftN3,070
500 MB30 days9MobileN500 (*229*2*12#)
1 GB30 daysNtelN500
1.5 GB30 daysMTNN1,000 (106 to 131)
1.5 GB30 daysAirtelN1,000 (*141*1000#)
1.5 GB30 daysGloN1000/1.9GB (*777#)
1.5 GB30 daysSmileN1,020
2 GB30 daysMTNN1,200 (130 to 131)
2 GB30 daysAirtelN1,200 (*141*1200#)
2 GB30 days9MobileN1,200 (*229*2*7#)
2 GB30 daysNtelN1,000
2 GB30 daysSwiftN1,025
2.5 GB30 daysSwiftN1,230
3 GB30 daysMTNN1,500 (131 to 131)
3 GB30 daysAirtelN1,500 (*141*1500#)
3 GB30 daysGloN1,500/3.5GB (*777#)
3 GB30 days9MobileN1,500 (*229*2*3#)
3 GB30 daysSwiftN2,040
4 GB30 daysSwiftN1,530
4 GB30 daysSpectranetN3,070
4.5 GB30 daysMTNN2,000 (110 to 131)
4.5 GB30 daysAirtelN2,000 (*141*2000#)
4.5 GB30 daysGloN2,000/5.2GB (*777#)
4.5 GB30 days9MobileN2,000 (*229*2*8#)
4.5 GB30 daysNtelN2,000
5 GB30 daysSmileN3,070
5 GB30 daysSpectranetN3,580
6 GB30 daysMTNN2,500 (147 to 131)
6 GB30 daysAirtelN2,500 (*141*2500#)
6 GB30 daysGloN2,500/6.8GB (*777#)
6 GB30 daysSwiftN2,050
7 GB30 daysSmileN4,090
7 GB30 daysSpectranetN5,115
8 GB30 daysAirtelN3,000 (*141*3000#)
8 GB30 daysGloN3,000/9GB (*777#)
8 GB30 daysSwiftN2,550
10 GB30 daysMTNN3,500 (107 to 131)
10 GB30 daysNtelN4,000
11 GB30 daysAirtelN4,000 (*141*4000#)
11 GB30 daysGloN4,000/12.25GB (*777#)
11 GB30 days9MobileN4,000 (*229*2*36#)
11 GB30 daysSmileN5,110
12 GB30 daysSwiftN3,580
12 GB30 daysSpectranetN6,140
15 GB30 daysMTNN5,000 (116 to 131)
15 GB30 daysAirtelN5,000 (*141*5000#)
15 GB30 daysGloN5,000/17GB (*777#)
15 GB30 days9MobileN5,000 (*229*2*37#)
15 GB30 daysSmileN6,140
15 GB30 daysSpectranetN7,165
18 GB30 daysSwiftN5,630
20 GB30 daysSwiftN20,000
20 GB30 daysSmileN8,190/21GB
25 GB30 daysGloN8,000/27.5GB (*777#)
25 GB30 daysNtelN8,000/24GB
25 GB30 daysSpectranetN10,235
27 GB30 daysSwiftN9,730
30 GB30 daysSwiftN22,000
30 GB30 daysSmileN11,260/31GB
35 GB30 daysSwiftN25,000
40 GB30 daysMTNN10,000 (117 to 131)
40 GB30 daysAirtelN10,000 (*141*10000#)
40 GB30 daysGloN10,000/46GB (*777#)
40 GB30 days9MobileN10,000 (*229*4*1#)
40 GB30 daysSwiftN12,790
40 GB30 daysSpectranetN12,795
45 GB30 daysSwiftN10,250
50 GB30 daysSwiftN35,000
50 GB30 daysSpectranetN13,305
55 GB30 daysSwiftN12,300
60 GB30 daysSwiftN18,940
60 GB30 daysSpectranetN15,355
75 GB30 daysMTNN15,000 (150 to 131)
75 GB30 daysAirtelN15,000 (*141*15000#)
75 GB30 daysGloN15,000/86GB (*777#)
75 GB30 days9MobileN15,000 (*229*2*4#)
80 GB30 daysSwiftN23,540
90 GB30 daysSwiftN17,930
100 GB30 daysGloN18,000/109GB (*777#)
100 GB30 daysSwiftN22,520
100 GB30 daysSpectranetN18,425
110 GB30 daysMTNN20,000 (149 to 131)
110 GB30 daysAirtelN20,000 (*141*20000#)
120 GB30 daysGloN20,000/126GB (*777#)
125 GB30 daysSwiftN27,130
150 GB 30 daysSwiftN30,710
200 GB30 daysSpectranetN38,390
300 GB30 daysSpectranetN56,820
Unlimited30 daysNtelN18,500
Unlimited30 daysSwiftN19,500
Unlimited30 daysSmileN24,000
30 GB58 daysSmileN15,350
60 Gb59 daysSmileN30,700
75 GB60 daysMTNN20,000 (118 to 131)
80 GB60 daysSmileN40,950
120 GB60 daysMTNN30,000 (138 to 131)
150 GB90 daysMTNN50,000 (133 to 131)
250 GB90 daysMTNN75,000 (134 to 131)
Unlimited180 daysNtelN100,000
10 GB365 daysSmileN8,190
20 GB365 daysSmileN16,380
50 GB365 daysSmileN36,850
100 GB365 daysSmileN71,650
200 GB365 daysSmileN138,200
400 GB365 daysMTNN120,000 (156 to 131)
1000 GB365 daysMTNN250,000 (136 to 131)
2000 GB365 daysMTNN450,000 (137 to 131)
Unlimited365 daysNtelN195,000


Updated: 2 June, 2017

You want an always-on home or office internet solution?
Your best options are Spectranet, Smile, Swift and Cobranet; if they've got coverage in your area.

Here are the full details of their plans, pricing and conditions/validity.


Plan NamePlan CostPlan/DataAdditional BonusValidityAccessSpeed
Unlimited Gold Plan (New)N18,000**NilMonthly24 x 7#Unlimited Burstable
Unlimited Lite Gold Plan (New)N16,000**NilMonthly24 x 7#Unlimited Burstable
Unified Value 4GBN3,0004GBNilMonthly24 x 7Unlimited Burstable
Unified Value 7GBN5,0007GBNilMonthly24 x 7Unlimited Burstable
Unified Value 15GBN7,00015GBNilMonthly24 x 7Unlimited Burstable
Unified Value 25GBN10,00025GB*Free Unlimited Night browsingMonthly24 x 7Unlimited Burstable
Unified Value 40GB (New)N12,50040GB*Free Unlimited Night browsingMonthly24 x 7Unlimited Burstable
Unified Value 55GBN20,00055GB*Free Unlimited Night browsingMonthly24 x 7Unlimited Burstable
Unified Value 110GBN40,000110GB*Free Unlimited Night browsingMonthly24 x 7Unlimited Burstable
Unified Value 200GBN70,000200GB*Free Unlimited Night browsingMonthly24 x 7Unlimited Burstable
 Unified Nite Value 20GBN7,50020GBNilMonthly7pm – 7amUnlimited Burstable
 Unified Nite Value 40GBN11,00040GBNilMonthly7pm – 7amUnlimited Burstable
*Free Unlimited Night browsing between 1am - 7am
*All Nite Plans have 24 hours access on weekend and Public Holidays

Unlimited Gold Plan:

#Spectranet retains the right to limit throughput speed to 8 Mbps.
Unlimited Gold Plan Offer is available to Lagos and Ibadan only
** Please Click Here for terms and conditions

Unlimited Lite Gold Plan:
#Spectranet retains the right to limit throughput speed to 8 Mbps.
Unlimited Lite Gold Plan Offer is available to Abuja and PHC only
**Please Click Here for terms and conditions

  1. N1,000 for 1GB with a 30 days validity and 2mbps cap
  2. N3,000 for 3GB with a 30 days validity
  3. N5,000 for 5GB with a 30 days validity
  4. N9,000 for 10GB with a 30 days validity
  5. N17,000 for 20GB with a 12 months validity
  6. N19,800 for unlimited plan with a 30 days validity and speed limit of 4mbps for the first 100GB, 2mbps for the next 100GB and 512kbps for the remainder of the month
  7. N36,000 for 50GB with a 12 months validity
  8. N70,000 for 100GB with a 12 months validity
  9. N135,000 for 200GB with a 12 months validity


SwiftSpeed (max)Data bundlePrice (NGN)Validity
Day #2mbps30MB                 150 1 day
Budget2mbps750MB                 500 7 days
Budget Plus2mbps3GB             2,000 30 days
Weekend2mbps5GB (wkend)             3,000 30 days
Swift Night2mbps5GB (6pm - 8am)             3,500 30 days
Basic Mini2mbps2GB             4,000 30 days
Swift Family2mbps20GB (6pm - 8am, wkend)             6,000 30 days
Essential2mbps30GB             7,000 30 days
Family Plus2mbps68GB (5pm-9am, wkend)             8,000 30 days
Basic New2mbps10GB           10,000 30 days
Business2mbps24GB (7am-7pm)           12,000 30 days
Premium2mbps65GB           15,000 30 days
Elite2mbps100GB           20,000 30 days

Home Bronze1.5 Mbps (upto)N6,5009GB
Home Bronze Excel2Mbps (upto)N8,50012GB
Home Silver2.5Mbps (upto)N12,50018GB
Home Gold2.5Mbps (upto)N17,50027GB
50 HoursN2,4001 Month
100 HoursN4,0001 Month
180 HoursN6,50045 Days
360 HoursN12,5003 Months
24/7N13,500Unlimited1 Month
Top UPN/AN1,5005GBN/A
Top UpN/AN4,00020GBN/A
UGO Personal30Mbps (upto)N9,00020GB1 Month
UGO Family30 Mbps (upto)N12,00040GB1 Month
UGO Classic30 Mbps (upto)N16,00080GB1 Month
UGO Multimedia30 Mbps (upto)N20,000160GB1 Month


And here are their contact details -

9B Kwara street, Osborne Estate, Ikoyi, Lagos

Smile Nigeria
39 Ahmed Onibudo St
Eti-Osa, Victoria Island, Lagos
0800 444 4444

Swift Nigeria
31, Saka Tinubu street, Victoria Island, Lagos

Plot 8, Rafiu Babatunde street, off Admiralty way, Lekki Phase 1
01-2716269 08151000006 01-7655777

Want to share any experience you've had with any one of them?
Please do via the comment box.


  1. Spectranet breach of service
    I notice that I cant browse only to call their customer care rep that told us that our plan has been change without notifying us. This is terrible in the sense that
    1. we were not notified
    2. We are exploited & cheated because the plan we were transfered to was 10G (512kbs) for N8,500 but their current price for 10G (2MPS) is N8,000
    3. We should be notify either to b aware inorder to adjust our usage or go for another ISP or other plan.
    We continue ignorantly that the link will b up but to our suprise we were loosing business due to inactivity. Spectranet Ltd are defrauded us and I will figth back with social media, review site, newspaper comment & every available means if they did not compensate us as a customer. We deserve to be treated well as customer not to be defrauded. This indian are coming into our country to defraud us. Can we do that in their country. Enough is enough of this kind of insanity. Spread the news & let us stop this kind of fraud together as Nigerian internet service subscriber to avoid either them or any other ISP to try such a defrauding act

  2. Hi,

    Send me a mail; I could you put you on call with one of Spectranet managers.

  3. Have you tried the cobranet unlimited plan? Is it truly unlimited? The price makes me a bit suspicious because its cheap compared to other capped ones that are wayy more expensive. I have a feeling they reduce the speed till it becomes unusable after a while of using the internet.

  4. Hi Anonymous,

    I haven't tried the Cobranet unlimited plan. And like you said, there'll definitely be some restriction, most likely speed.

    I'll check for more details and update you.

    Thanks for your insightful comment.

  5. cobranet reduces your speed after 24gb

  6. Hello Nigerian, we are not here to talk for or against, we are to say what exactly going on. For Spectracnet, they failed to come up with a solution to that migration on time, but let us wait and see how they go about soon. Please keep positing if there is any other thing you see. God Bless Federal Republic Of Nigeria. God Bless Me.

  7. I am in the process of getting a broadband for my home/office. I have narrowed it down to either Swift or Spectranet. On face value Spectranet has a better deal on Price. However I am a bit concerned if they are a reliable as Swift. You wrote that - (My personal view: I will recommend spectranet over the other two. I consider it the most reliable.) Why do you consider them the most reliable and what do you say to your first complaint dated 13th Nov. 2013.? Also there is a Promo at Spectranet, If I join up will I remain on the promo price or is a temporary gimmick to reel in customers then change the plan? I would appreciate your advice. Thank you

  8. Hi PKSOL,

    I'm now using Spectranet. And if I were in your shoes, especially for business needs, I would go for Spectranet. I have found them reliable.

    But it's just my opinion based on my own experience. I have no issue with Swift beyond the fact that they kept calling WiMax, 4G. I like people being straightforward, especially corporate bodies.

    But I've met people who are very happy with their Swift internet service. So I whichever choice you make, I don't think you'll regret it.

  9. Spectranet are not reliable, and I would say they are 419. I have a hotel which has been using their service for about 5 months. What they tend to do is after a week or so of paying you are disconnected stating that you have used up all your allowance. When the service is up and running it is good and fast but I don't see them as an honest company. they want you to keep paying every week or 2. There customer service is crap as well as rep's. I am still on the search for reliable good internet in Abuja. Tina

  10. Dear Tina,

    You may share your account details viz either User ID, IMSI, or SIM numbers with your concern to care@spectranet.com.ng and Service team would respond with details. You may if you so wish add your phone number and reference of this Blog post, as well.

    Spectranet team strives to resolve all concerns efficiently and shall attend to your's too.

  11. WiMax and LTE are the two technologies deployed under 4G network. Wimax was the first technology deployed under 4G network. LTE (Long Term Evolution) is the newest technology that advances on WiMax. So Swift is still on point, and they have upgraded to lte as well. The problem with Swift is their network coverage isn't as wide as that of spectranet.

  12. i have a swift mifi. i have had it for the past three months. i use it for night browsing. i am getting speeds of 2.5mbps.
    i recently bought a spectranet mifi as a stop gap.[ i work in apapa, and i have had to work from home on occassion because of the traffic.] i also have some issues with weird data logging from swift [ 7gb over a weekend??? with my wifi hidden and passworded]. i am considring moving to a different network . also, i wanted to see how the 55gb data plan from spectranet would go.a colleague was raving about it and how he was watching movies on you tube with no buffering issues. i am running the excess value plan, and i am getting a speed of 230kbps.
    this is to say the least, pathetic. 1/10th the speed i get on swift. i don't know if the speed is tied to the plan i am using, or if i will get better speeds if i opt for the 55gb night plan.

    it would seem at face value, that spectranet is a tradeoff of speed vs datacap

  13. Hmm, that's an interesting case you've got.

    I now have 2 spectranet devices -- 1 MiFi and 1 USB dongle. I've had the MiFi since Feb 2014 and I just bought the USB one this month as I couldn't get the Spectranet SIM without buying a companion device. I use the new SIM for night plan (40GB N4,000 10pm to 8am downloads). I use the old SIM for normal work at 25GB for N8,000.

    There is no speed difference between the 24/7 plan and the night plan. And I strongly feel the speed issue you are encountering is due to location, maybe Spectranet has hooked too many of you guys in Apapa on too few base stations. Or the nearest base station to you is far enough to limit the speed.

    On my spectranet, I get 2mbps but my signal strength is 3 out of 5 bars.

  14. how strong is spectranet in Able Egba area.

  15. Which network can i use for a mini wifi ISP business to connect up to 100 device at a time.

  16. pls how can i check my data balance on cobranet

  17. how is the signal right behind eco hospital around sheraton ikeja area...

  18. Spectranet is too slow. Too bad I bought it already before knowing, Would have stuck to swift instead. Just wanted to give it a try and all but jeez

  19. i can connect you on any of the three(3) networks and you pay less. download unlimited, stream, surf, anything. just 4k per month.. my email hbbeor@yahoo.com

  20. How fast is Spectranet in Yaba and how do i subscribe for the 40gb @ 4k plan

  21. hello spectranet is very fast i am a witness to that but i would have loved if they had an unlimited download period in the day like swift does from 2-6am i guess. i think they would have more customers that way considering they are faster and cheaper than swift already

    1. Hi,

      That unlimited download by SWIFT is not pure. They go ahead and deduct your money afterwards. They let you download all you want in the early morning, like you said. But still they wipe off your remaining credits afterwards.

      That has been my experience.

  22. Any update on the ISP service. It's year 2016.. was just wondering which would be the best for a small business in Ikoyi (reliability, speed and down time is of upmost concern)

  23. Spectranet is too slow. Too bad I bought it already before knowing, Would have stuck to swift instead. Just wanted to give it a try and all but jeez

  24. Which has the best coverage in Lekki Phase 1, spectranet or Swift, i will appreciate a very honest response please.Thank you

    1. I honestly don't know. But I know Spectranet is slow in Lekki Phase 1 and Swift has patchy coverage. Haven't tried Smile there, yet.

  25. Please I leave after ajah, which mifi do you advise to get out of smile, swift or spectranet?

  26. please i am considering getting a cobranet device cause from the reviews swift and spectranet are still doing people mumu... who has really used cobranet that can testify?

  27. I need to know if cobranet has coverage after Ajah around Awoyaya area.

  28. Please what would you guys recommend? i want to subrscribe to a plan and i'm currently using SMILE which i have noticed defrauded me too many times. Please i need your advise as regards SPECTRANET in Agric, Ikorodu area. Thank you

  29. good evening please which network is the strongest around cement bustop ,dopemu

  30. Please Where on the mainland can I buy cobranet data cards?

  31. Good morning please which network is the strongest around mushin

  32. What is the latest update about Swift? They`ve become so poor that, to even open a website has become so difficult to do. I reside at Lawanson Surulere. I`m thinking of migrating to Cobranet but I`ve not gotten much information about their services. Is there anyone in the house using cobranet please. I need a better internet connectivity for my business. I have Smile too, but it eats up data so fast.

  33. Hi, Does Cobranet and Swift work very well in Gwagwalada, Abuja. I would love to verify before I purchase one of them. I also need a link to Cob

    ranet's wireless modem.

    Thank you!


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