Glo Nigeria Blackberry (BIS) plans,subscription codes and price


Data BundleValidityNetworkCost
25 MB1 dayMTNN50 (114 to 131)
25 MB1 dayAirtelN50 (*141*50#)
25 MB1 dayGloN50/27MB (*777#)
75 MB1 dayMTNN100 (104 to 131)
75 MB1 dayAirtelN100 (*141*100#)
75 MB1 dayGloN100/90MB (*777#)
1 GB1 dayMTNN300 (155 to 131)
1 GB1 dayAirtelN300 (*141*354#)
1 GB1 dayGloN300 (*777#)
1 GB1 daySmileN350
200 MB2 daysMTNN200 (113 to 131)
200 MB2 daysAirtelN200/3 days (*141*200#)
200 MB2 daysGloN200/240MB (*777#)
200 MB2 days9MobileN200 (*229*3*11#)
2 GB2 daysMTNN500 (154 to 131)
2 GB2 daysGloN500 (*777#)
2 GB2 days9MobileN500 (*229*3*4#)
Unlimited2 daysNtelN1,500
350 MB7 daysMTNN300 (102 to 133)
350 MB7 daysAirtelN300 (*141*300#)
750 MB7 daysMTNN500 (103 to 131)
750 MB7 daysAirtelN500 (*141*500#)
1 GB7 daysMTNN500 (142 to 131)
1 GB7 daysAirtelN500 (*141*502#)
1 GB7 days9MobileN500 (*229*2*1#)
1 GB7 daysSwiftN520
2 GB7 daysAirtelN500 (*141*504#)
2 GB7 daysSwiftN1,020
2 GB7 daysSmileN1,020
6 GB7 daysMTNN1,500 (143 to 131)
6 GB7 daysAirtelN1,500 (*141*1504#)
6 GB7 daysGloN1,500/7GB (*777#)
6 GB7 days9MobileN1,500/7GB (*229*2*2#)
6 GB7 daysSpectranetN4,000
7 GB7 daysSwiftN1,530
Unlimited7 daysNtelN5,200
800 MB14 daysGloN500 (*777#)
1 GB15 daysSwiftN3,070
500 MB30 days9MobileN500 (*229*2*12#)
1 GB30 daysNtelN500
1.5 GB30 daysMTNN1,000 (106 to 131)
1.5 GB30 daysAirtelN1,000 (*141*1000#)
1.5 GB30 daysGloN1000/1.9GB (*777#)
1.5 GB30 daysSmileN1,020
2 GB30 daysMTNN1,200 (130 to 131)
2 GB30 daysAirtelN1,200 (*141*1200#)
2 GB30 days9MobileN1,200 (*229*2*7#)
2 GB30 daysNtelN1,000
2 GB30 daysSwiftN1,025
2.5 GB30 daysSwiftN1,230
3 GB30 daysMTNN1,500 (131 to 131)
3 GB30 daysAirtelN1,500 (*141*1500#)
3 GB30 daysGloN1,500/3.5GB (*777#)
3 GB30 days9MobileN1,500 (*229*2*3#)
3 GB30 daysSwiftN2,040
4 GB30 daysSwiftN1,530
4 GB30 daysSpectranetN3,070
4.5 GB30 daysMTNN2,000 (110 to 131)
4.5 GB30 daysAirtelN2,000 (*141*2000#)
4.5 GB30 daysGloN2,000/5.2GB (*777#)
4.5 GB30 days9MobileN2,000 (*229*2*8#)
4.5 GB30 daysNtelN2,000
5 GB30 daysSmileN3,070
5 GB30 daysSpectranetN3,580
6 GB30 daysMTNN2,500 (147 to 131)
6 GB30 daysAirtelN2,500 (*141*2500#)
6 GB30 daysGloN2,500/6.8GB (*777#)
6 GB30 daysSwiftN2,050
7 GB30 daysSmileN4,090
7 GB30 daysSpectranetN5,115
8 GB30 daysAirtelN3,000 (*141*3000#)
8 GB30 daysGloN3,000/9GB (*777#)
8 GB30 daysSwiftN2,550
10 GB30 daysMTNN3,500 (107 to 131)
10 GB30 daysNtelN4,000
11 GB30 daysAirtelN4,000 (*141*4000#)
11 GB30 daysGloN4,000/12.25GB (*777#)
11 GB30 days9MobileN4,000 (*229*2*36#)
11 GB30 daysSmileN5,110
12 GB30 daysSwiftN3,580
12 GB30 daysSpectranetN6,140
15 GB30 daysMTNN5,000 (116 to 131)
15 GB30 daysAirtelN5,000 (*141*5000#)
15 GB30 daysGloN5,000/17GB (*777#)
15 GB30 days9MobileN5,000 (*229*2*37#)
15 GB30 daysSmileN6,140
15 GB30 daysSpectranetN7,165
18 GB30 daysSwiftN5,630
20 GB30 daysSwiftN20,000
20 GB30 daysSmileN8,190/21GB
25 GB30 daysGloN8,000/27.5GB (*777#)
25 GB30 daysNtelN8,000/24GB
25 GB30 daysSpectranetN10,235
27 GB30 daysSwiftN9,730
30 GB30 daysSwiftN22,000
30 GB30 daysSmileN11,260/31GB
35 GB30 daysSwiftN25,000
40 GB30 daysMTNN10,000 (117 to 131)
40 GB30 daysAirtelN10,000 (*141*10000#)
40 GB30 daysGloN10,000/46GB (*777#)
40 GB30 days9MobileN10,000 (*229*4*1#)
40 GB30 daysSwiftN12,790
40 GB30 daysSpectranetN12,795
45 GB30 daysSwiftN10,250
50 GB30 daysSwiftN35,000
50 GB30 daysSpectranetN13,305
55 GB30 daysSwiftN12,300
60 GB30 daysSwiftN18,940
60 GB30 daysSpectranetN15,355
75 GB30 daysMTNN15,000 (150 to 131)
75 GB30 daysAirtelN15,000 (*141*15000#)
75 GB30 daysGloN15,000/86GB (*777#)
75 GB30 days9MobileN15,000 (*229*2*4#)
80 GB30 daysSwiftN23,540
90 GB30 daysSwiftN17,930
100 GB30 daysGloN18,000/109GB (*777#)
100 GB30 daysSwiftN22,520
100 GB30 daysSpectranetN18,425
110 GB30 daysMTNN20,000 (149 to 131)
110 GB30 daysAirtelN20,000 (*141*20000#)
120 GB30 daysGloN20,000/126GB (*777#)
125 GB30 daysSwiftN27,130
150 GB 30 daysSwiftN30,710
200 GB30 daysSpectranetN38,390
300 GB30 daysSpectranetN56,820
Unlimited30 daysNtelN18,500
Unlimited30 daysSwiftN19,500
Unlimited30 daysSmileN24,000
30 GB58 daysSmileN15,350
60 Gb59 daysSmileN30,700
75 GB60 daysMTNN20,000 (118 to 131)
80 GB60 daysSmileN40,950
120 GB60 daysMTNN30,000 (138 to 131)
150 GB90 daysMTNN50,000 (133 to 131)
250 GB90 daysMTNN75,000 (134 to 131)
Unlimited180 daysNtelN100,000
10 GB365 daysSmileN8,190
20 GB365 daysSmileN16,380
50 GB365 daysSmileN36,850
100 GB365 daysSmileN71,650
200 GB365 daysSmileN138,200
400 GB365 daysMTNN120,000 (156 to 131)
1000 GB365 daysMTNN250,000 (136 to 131)
2000 GB365 daysMTNN450,000 (137 to 131)
Unlimited365 daysNtelN195,000


Updated: 2 June, 2017

Below are the details of Glo Nigeria Blackberry plans, subscription codes and price, culled from Glo official site.

Plan Details
Standard Blackberry Plans (Discontinued since December 2016)
Plan NamePrice (N)Data VolumeValiditySMS to 777USSD Code
Absolute Month1,5003GB30 DaysBBA Month*777*23#
Absolute Week500700MB7 DaysBBAweek*777*24#
Complete Month1,4003GB30 DaysBBCmonth*777*21#
Complete Week400700MB7 DaysBBCweek*777*22#

BlackBerry 10 Plans
3G-4G BB10 Plan NamePrice (N)Data VolumeData Volume with 100% BonusValiditySMS to 777USSD Code
BB10010035MB70MB1 DayBB100*777*4#
BB200200100MB200MB5 DayBB200*777*5#
BB500500800MB1.6GB10 DaysBB500*777*7#
BB100010001.6GB3.2GB30 DaysBB1000*777*8#
BB200020003.75GB7.5GB30 DaysBB2000*777*9#
BB250025005GB10GB30 DaysBB2500*777*10#
BB300030006GB12GB30 DaysBB3000*777*17#
BB400040008GB16GB30 DaysBB4000*777*18#
BB5000500012GB24GB30 DaysBB5000*777*19#
BB8000800016GB32GB30 DaysBB8000*777*20#
BB150001500030GB60GB30 DaysBB15000*777*410#
BB180001800045GB90GB30 DaysBB18000*777*411#

BIS: BBM + BBMail + BB-Built Social Networking & IM Apps + Internet Browsing + App World + Option for 10 integrated email address

COMPLETE: BBM + BBMail + BB-Built Social Networking & IM Apps + Internet Browsing + App World + Option for 1 integrated email address

SOCIAL: BBM + BBMail + BB-Built Social Networking Apps + Internet Browsing + App World

BES: BBM + BBMail + BB-Built Social Networking & IM Apps + Internet Browsing + App World + Option for 10 integrated email address + Access to Enterprise Server

Self Help Instructions:
•Text Appropriate keyword to 777 on how to activate a package. E.g: Text “bismonth” to 777
•Text ‘STATUS’ to 777 to check the usage status of your current subscription.
•Text ‘HELP’ or ‘BB’ to 777 (Glo Subscribers Only) for more information
•Text ‘BB’ to 0807 987 7777 (Other Network Subscribers) for more information

Note: For more help and information, please call Glo Customer Care on 333.

Plans are available for both Prepaid and Postpaid Customers

*Fair usage applies.

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  1. Pls hw do I use the bis subscribtion for my Galaxy s3

  2. Hi Yemi, I don't think Glo lets you use BIS data bundle on none Blackberry devices.

    Why not try Airtel? Airtel lets you use its BIS data bundle on non blackberry devices.

  3. Pls o,does glo av bis for #1000?

  4. Hi Lugba,
    I just checked again and couldn't find any. But I'll ask a pal that works with Glo.

    Thanks for dropping by.

  5. Hi... Pls how true is this 700MB bundle for Coweek? Cos I have been told its actually 200MB...

  6. I think it's actually 700MB. You can easily verify. One anyone's phone using BIS coweek bundle, sms status to 777
    It should show you how much MB has been used and what is left. They should add up to 700MB.

  7. pls what is the different between complete and BIS..

  8. Hi Saneesh,

    BIS is the BIS Absolute, no restrictions at all.
    While the BB Complete restricts you to just one e-mail setup on your BB and you can't use some services like BB Protect (I think).

    Thanks for reading my blog.

  9. Is Airtel data bundle still available for non blackberry devices?if yes pls wats d code for subscribtion

  10. Hi,

    YES. Airtel BIS data bundle still works on non-BB devices. I use it on my PC, my Tablet and on my Android phone.

  11. Hi Macdonald, thanks for your comment. I have updated the data to reflect recent changes in the packages by Glo. BB Complete is now N1000.

    Thanks again!

  12. pls,does etisalat BIS works on non BB device? I once used mtn for a month n I was told it has bin blocked now,pls is dat true as well?

  13. Please great blogger can use hotspot on glo or airtel with my bis plans

  14. Please great blogger... can I use hotspot on my phone as wifi on glo or airtel lines with my bis plans mtn seems to stop working. Waiting to. Hear from you asap.

  15. Hi my esteemed reader, thanks for your comment!

    You can only use your Blackberry phone with active BIS as WiFi hotspot on Airtel alone. It won't work (free) on Glo, MTN or Etisalat; you'll be billed directly from your credit if you do so.

  16. Hi Rafiu,

    Unfortunately, Etisalat BIS does not work on non BB devices. Only Airtel BIS does (as at now).

    Thanks for your comment.

  17. Does glo BBCOMPLETE works on non BB DEVICE?

  18. Hi Yemi,

    Glo's BBComplete does not work on non-BB devices

  19. Love your good works Απϑ dee ώαч- you respond ţ♥̸̨ ppls comment bro! God bless you. Pls what's data cap Airtel one day plan?

  20. Pls ,, how many gigabyte does glo and airtel offer for bbc monthly and how much

  21. Hi Ricnino,

    The Airtel daily plan is 15mb and costs 100 naira. For a full listing of Airtel data packs, check here

  22. Hi Anonymous,

    Glo says on it's website that the bbc pack has 3GB. But I'm very certain of Airtel's, it's 1GB.

  23. Anyone should try APN-

    Username n Password-flat for android on glo... Pls I need feedback

  24. Anyone should try APN-

    Username n Password-flat for android on glo... Pls I need feedback

  25. Pls how many mb does mtn give in their BIS sub? Both absolute and complete

  26. Hi Favor,

    I couldn't find any official (direct from MTN) answer. But I think MTN emphasizes fair usage. As long as you don't download heavy files, you won't need to worry.

    According to Somebody in our Tech Team, He said that Glo BIS currently works on Andriod Phones, Guess this Dudes might be Migrating to Glo anytime soon. As Airtel NG Shock the Whole of Nigerians using their BIS Plan on Andriod Phones and on PC via Modem by Releasing a Press Release via SMS to all their Customers informing them the Plan will stop Working on other devices other than Blackberry.

    From 3rd Dec 2013 AIRTEL BB Plans will cease to function on non BB devices or used as a modem . Thank you."

    Does this Means Airtel Users will have to Pay more just to Connect to the Internet on their Devices?

    I know How this Dude must be Feeling now but Believe Me Airtel might loose 50% of their Internet Subscribers on Mobile over this Decision.
    Bye Bye to Airtel BIS which is 2GB for N1,500 & Welcome To Glo BIS (3.75GB For N1,000).

  28. Pls bros update me more

  29. Good day,
    Please can you help me with the current data plans 4 andriod phones and I also wanna know if Glo bis can work with android.

  30. Hi pls can I use bb subscription to my android? thanks

  31. @ free browsing, how true is it that Glo bis works for android devices? I want to know because I just subscribed with my android phone and I'm stuck now; my #1000 has been deducted but no data has been given to me since yesterday.

  32. I'm just hearing you guys talking about android and blackberry. I'm grateful for the info but what about users of symbian and windows is there no reasonable data plan operated by any of the networks. I'm more of a nokia person

  33. Hello Guys,

    I have no idea about Glo BIS working on Android. And I don't know anyone that's using his Glo BIS on Android.

  34. Please I am about to make a switch from mtn bis to airtel, but I don't know what benefits I expect. I nid bb protect and youtube services. Any help

  35. Great work you're doing here. Pls, can you give me Glo clue for BlackBerry 10. My wife was given the code but like BBAMONTH TO A PARTICULAR CODE TO GIVE US 3000MB AT #1,000, BUT SHE MISPLACED THE INFORMATION. Can you please help me out?
    Thank you and keep up the good work.


    1. Comonth to 777 works or BBC to 777. It is the same thing, 1k for 3gig

    2. Comonth to 777 works or BBC to 777. It is the same thing, 1k for 3gig

  36. Can Glo BIS working with modems with PC?

  37. Hello , I would like to know the difference between glo bb1000 , absolute month and complete month.all three plans give 3gb of data but absolute and complete month cost 1500 while bb1000 costs 1000 naira. Thank you.

  38. I'm having difficulty in knowing which bundle to use on my bb touch. I want an mtn bundle and I don't do much except check what's app and IMO then check mails once in a while. Pls advice. thx

  39. i dont know how to migrate to a BB10, is there any code for that please


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