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Last week, the biggest report on current internet trends and the implications for business was released: the Mary Meeker Internet Trends 2016.

Most of the trends in the report are global, meaning they can't be directly applied to Nigeria. Yes, more people are buying tablets and phones than laptops. More people read news on their mobile devices than on traditional media. There are now more businesses focusing on mobile, just for smartphone users, not accessible on PCs/ and internet browsers.

For me, though, the most interesting bit is that more businesses are going online. I don't mean having a business website, I mean becoming more of an internet business. Completely rendering their services online. Just like our banks are now pushing mobile banking. And I see a great opportunity there. It will be a gold mine for people who can develop web applications.

When the trends we see in developed countries finally reach us here in Nigeria, the first beneficiaries will be those who can power the future: the web app developers. And that is the category I want to fall in.

I have been progressing well with my C# and ASP,Net MVC training. Every non-training day I have, I practice. Most of what I am learning now still look like gibberish but I have told myself that even if this is rocket science, I am ready to become a rocket scientist and give it all the diligence it requires. 

I will be careful not to make the mistakes I am making with my Excel programming knowledge. My focus will be mostly on creating products I can sell rather than consulting and building programs for people. Then if I am successful in my current plan of learning to build a technical team, then I will begin to take on consulting projects. 


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