Niger Delta Militants vs Federal Government | Muhammed Ali is dead

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Who is more right?
Are they (militants) serious about bringing Nigeria's oil production level to zero?
Is it true they've got foreign assistance (technically and/or financially)?
Are they serious about shooting down airplanes and helicopters in the Niger Delta region with missiles?
Is the FG making the same mistakes over again?
Boko Haram in the north. MASSOB (very peaceful) in the south east. Militants in the south south. Murderous herdsmen in the centre. What if it motivates some ill-intentioned people in the south west?
Why does FG treat this like some military competition?
Who is suffering the most loss?
Who is more believable -- delivering on promises?
Who is more strategic, going for the heart of it all?
Who has better utilized resources -- getting the most from what it has?
Who is achieving its aims?
Who has lost credibility -- the trust of the other party to stick to its end of any possible peaceful agreement?


I read on Vanguard that Niger Delta militants are now backing MASSOB and condemning the use of military to quell their peaceful agitation. I hope the FG rethinks its strategy of first ignoring and then repressing. 

In another news, legendary Muhammed Ali is dead. When I went to sleep past mid night, the lastest news was that he was on life support. This morning I woke up to the news that he's dead. Been battling Parkinson's. Sad news.


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