Be Always Growing

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Last week, I came across a picture of a nurse and a doctor, shared by one of my LinkedIn contacts. The interesting bit about the picture is that the nurse was the very nurse who took delivery of the doctor some 4 decades ago. What my LinkedIn contact  saw was an inspiring story of how a little baby grew impressively well, caught up and zoomed past people present during his birth. But what I saw is what can happen when, either by necessity or choice, one stops or slows down his/her growth. The nurse was probably happy with the positive impactful job she does or the nature of nursing makes one hit a ceiling quick or she's already fulfilling her life dream. None of these is bad. There's more to life than job level or pay grade.

But what I want to drill more on in today's post is that you shouldn't stop or slow down your growth. Be always growing. At least in the aspects of life that are dear to you.

I care about very few things: my relationship with God, my immediate family, my life and my business. I don't have many friends and I try to not have more friends. I'm not a friend material. I don't think straight when there are opinions from friends to consider. They say two heads are better than one, both for me joining my head with someone else's works only when it's all pure business. No social pull or emotions involved. The result is that I am one of the most self-centered persons on planet earth. I try to stay by myself and generate as much content/value as I can. I've got creative ideas I want to implement -- write more novels, build solutions, master building a business and create more video tutorials. So I keep trying to grow in the aspects I care about.

I avoid people and events as much as I can. I spend as much time as possible around my cares and improving that aspect of my life. I am always learning more almost daily in the field I care about. I grow almost everyday. I spend a large chunk of my waking hours improving my myself through hands-on experience and self-study in my chosen field. I have very little trouble letting go of things. I don't get too emotionally tied to things (and, sadly, people). And it's more because I have an artist mind -- care more about the art than the tools or external world. I am infinitely looped to keep improving my art regardless of the cost.

My case is an extreme, probably. Not what anyone else should do. But I strongly believe that when you are true to yourself and have found what you are most passionate about, you will never allow yourself to stop growing. You will do things more from genuine interest and have a lifelong motivation for the very path you've chosen in life.

Have an open mind; clear out every dogma, and see yourself as you really are and not as what people/society wants you to be. Embrace your peculiarities and live the life best suited for you. Fill your life with only the things that matter to you. Fill your time with the things/activities you are passionate about. Be always growing.


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