TMI: Too Much Information


I avoid reading my own blog sometimes. Why? I think I share too much (personal) information. I also avoid going to Facebook. Why? Some of my Facebook friends share way too much information.

TMI is the new social infection. People sharing information that causal friends and strangers shouldn't know. And it is prevalent on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and personal blogs.

There are those who try to fix all their problems by sharing it on Facebook. They'll share the details of every significant thing that happened in their lives on Facebook. What happened at work; who is getting on their nerves, what happened on the way to work, etc.


So how much information is too much?

That's the very question I will also like to get an answer to. On some days, I feel like I am guilty of TMI and on some other days I feel innocent. If you know the answer, please, kindly share. Thanks!


  1. We share a lot in common esp in regards to social media. I do visit Facebook jst to keep abreast of what is happening as regards family and friends, since most people live their lives there, however can't remember the last time I posted anything on my page. However twitter is my most active social media tool, as I find It convenient to twit my thoughts, inspiratory messages etc, but never to show off.

    1. Wow! Glad to know that I'm not the only one!



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