Where I Go These Days To Get Great Online Deals Especially For Entrepreneurs And Work-From-Home Folks

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These days I have been going to Appsumo a lot to find cheaper replacement for business tools we pay monthly for. I have swapped out our $29/month Hootsuite that handles our social media management with Publer which cost a one time charge of $39. Amazing, right? I've also founded a $39 Switchy as alternative to $29/month Rebrandly which handles our custom short urls, and this Switchy has some exclusive (relative Rebrandly) features that's made it godsend for us. I equally found adam.ai for managing our remote team meetings, signitic for centrally managing/setting our staff email signature to be uniform and awesomely designed, ideanote for generating ideas and collaborating on goals, startups for lifetime access to company building resources and training. And a couple others that are equally awesome.

There's also StackSocial.

Together, they help us find ways to swap out expensive tools for a one-off payment cheaper ones. Also, they help us get bargain priced tools that will help us become a more productive team especially as we all now work remotely.

There are however some products that are deals themselves without you having to check a deal aggregation site for them.

One such is Hubspot. We have moved to it at the price of $0/month from our $15/user/month Pipedrive CRM ($60 for a team of 4 users). Another is Wave Financials which we are exploring as an alternative to the $15/month Quickbooks we use.

These are tough times, and one must be looking for ways to make tough decisions that will help out outlast the tough times.


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