The Difference Between What We Master And What We Want To Master

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I am now very good at writing; well on my way to mastering creative writing. All because I write daily. I am now very excellent at brushing my teeth with my left hand, because I have been doing that everyday for the past 5 years. I know Microsoft Excel better than I know the back of my hand, because I work in and for all types of projects almost everyday. I am more of a philosopher than engineer, though I studied engineering and worked my paid jobs in telecoms companies, and it is because I have been an active fan of philosophy reading Aristotle at age 10.

I have made little progress with my French learning despite the sacrifice and large desire to master the language. I am yet to walk my talk about web app development. I still struggle with a lot of things I want to be a master at.

Know the difference between what we master and what we want to master?
It is practice.

You master what you practice. Not what you think about nor what you talk about nor what you have a large interest in. If you want to be a master at something, you just have to consistently keep practicing it. Fancy talk or thoughts can take the place of actual work.

I am now trying to follow my own advice. Now creating more practice time for the things I want to master.


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