Go After The Difficult

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We are, by nature, growth hackers. We adapt to changes impressively well. Nothing is permanently difficult for us.

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Think about when you resumed a new job and everything was very difficult. Lots to learn, very high expectations, little time for other things and having to fit in. But then, in a few months you had nicely mastered it all. In fact, the job was becoming boring.  And what had changed? You. You had mastered the difficult situation.

When you look at the people getting the most from life, it is not that they know more than others or have lots of special skills. They only went after what others, either by choice or position in life, are not going after. They take up more difficult goals than the rest of us.

People generally get what they go after, even when it's almost impossible. God has put a part of himself in each of us. We can do the impossible. The question is are we afraid to try? Afraid of failing. Afraid of uncertainties. Fearful of new experiences. Have an unfriendly view of the unfamiliar. Don't want to do the difficult.

The things we are most proud of are the things we achieved against great odds. The mission impossibles we completed successfully. The personal stories we like to tell are the ones about our unlikely triumphs. Our David and Goliath experiences. The leaps of success we have encountered in life are often triggered by a leap of faith.

Go, more, after the difficult. Get more great experiences, triumphs and bagged mission impossibles.


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