So I'm Finally Taking The Microsoft Excel Certification Exam

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I've got two Cisco certifications and one Oracle certification, but the Excel that is the source of my business income I don't have a certification in. And the really surprising part is that those other certifications are a lot harder than Excel's.

On Tuesday, I was thinking this through and decided it was time I did the Microsoft Office Specialist Excel 2013 (MOS 77-420) Exam. That way I can organize special trainings for people wanting to take the certification. And I can add the certification to my email signature (extra marketing advantage).

I went through the exam details on Microsoft's site and immediately felt like doing the exam the next day. I know everything the exam is covering. I have taught them to other people every month for the last two years. And I work almost daily with them.

I called New Horizons, one of the accredited test centers in Nigeria, and asked to pay and do the Exam this week. They told me they've not bought the Microsoft Exam vouchers yet because of the forex issue and as the minimum quantity they are allowed to buy is 1000. But if I pay this week I can take the exam in two weeks' time. It looked too long for me as I was ready to do the exam the next day. I called Aptech. I called NIIT. I called First Logic. They all told me they don't have the vouchers too. So I had to get back to New Horizons and book for the exam.

In other not to act to proudly, I bought the MOS Excel 77-420 exam study guide. It's going to be the easiest technical book and exam study guide I have read. I kept thinking I could have written this myself. Maybe I should write one.

Once I take the exam, I'll be sure to give you all an update on how it went and what the exam structure is like. And then I will update my Udemy Business Data Analysis with Excel course with insights on how to pass the exam.

Wish me luck!

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  1. Hi Mike,
    I wish you brilliant success in your exam.
    Only keep your heart humble...
    Yes, you can!
    Yes, you will!


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