Being an Independent Consultant vs Managing a Team

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Some of us are not naturally wired as a business manager. We don't enjoy managing people. We most enjoy doing technical tasks. I fall into that category. I am trying hard to rewire myself and move into a business man category.

The business man category is one built on leverage. You create a system that is bigger than you -- have teams that collectively do more than you alone can do. You are able to grow your business because your capacity is not depended on you anymore. You can scale up as business booms rather than burnout as the technical do-it-all guy would.


There are some unique advantages to being an independent consultant -- a one man implementation team. We produce the best work. Because we operate on the level of a highly skilled artist. Your favourite books, were there written by a team or one person? The best work of arts -- be it painting or sculpture -- are works of an individual. When you make yourself a precision tool and expert at one thing you've got immense passion for, even a team of a million people can beat you at it. They can produce more work than you and work faster than you, but their work is a mass production one rather than the mastercraft (one of a kind built with art and perfection) that yours is. 

For some people the choice is a clear one -- whether to be an independent consultant or a business manager. But for others like me, it is not very clear which to be. Our hearts pull us in one direction and our heads pull us in another. If I am to follow my heart -- I will be an independent consultant, doing just the technical non-business-managing tasks I thoroughly enjoy. But my head knows that it's a very unhealthy -- both financially and physically -- choice. I am a natural workaholic. A magnet for work. If I don't build a business with teams to share the work with, I will end up ruining my health and all by having no time for anything other work. So I am over 50% sure that the business man route is better for me but making the transition is rocket science. But I'm committing myself to keep trying until I make it work.


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