Recharge your phone lines online via Quickteller

Have you ever been in a situation where you needed to make an urgent long duration call and the nearest spot to get an Airtel or MTN or Etisalat or Glo recharge card will make the call unurgent. Or do you live/work in an area where 4-digits card denomination (NGN1000, NGN1500 & NGN5000) are non-existing. Or maybe you like doing everything from your desk/bed -- sleeping, eating, calling, shopping and working.
Well, I have come across the perfect solution for your phone recharge needs (and some of your shopping and utility bill payment needs). And I'll share it with you in a most kindergarten way, even a computer illiterate that managed to find this post will find this a cupcake.
The near miracle site that provides us this service is QuickTeller Just click on the link I provided and you will be presented with the page that looks like this

As you can see, right in the middle of the webpage there are links to recharge Airtel, Etisalat, Glo and MTN lines. And there are other links too -- pay AERO flight booking, DSTV & HiTV subscriptions, pay utility bills and do online shopping.
But in this post, I'll show you how to recharge an MTN line. All you need is your ATM card details (including your PIN).

So I'll click on the MTN Direct Top-up link and the page below shows up

As you can see, there are different recharge amounts and the option to specify the amount you want. For this tutorial, I'll click on the MTN VTU 400 link. The following page will come up.

You will be requested to login. Since you are (probably) a new user, you will have to create an account by clicking Register here in the lefthand box shown below.
You will be presented with a registration form that requires your basic BIODATA and login details (see the snapshot below).

You'll fill the form and click Register. Then you will be presented with the following page.

Enter the MTN phone number you want to recharge and click on Next. Then you will be taken to a verification page, shown below.

Verify that the phone number is correct and click on Pay. You will now be directed to the interswitch payment page (shown below).

If your card is Verve (FirstBank, Skye & Oceanic ATM cards), select Verve but if it is MasterCard (all GTB ATM cards) select MasterCard. If your card is VISA (UBA ATM cards), I can't tell which option will be appropraite.
Enter your card number, expiry date and punch in the PIN number. Don't forget to enter the 3 digits number at the back of your card as the Card Verification Value (CVV2). Click on pay when you are sure you've provided the correct details.
Wait a few seconds for your transaction to be processed and a notification/receipt page will come up.
Voila! You have successfully recharged your phone right from the comfort of (the front of) your computer.

Thanks for reading my post and if you are stuck anywhere, feel free to tell me via a comment.

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  2. Hello, you might have to use your banks mobile application to recharge your phone. What bank do you use, I might be able to guide you on the how-to.
    For example, UBA hase Umobile.

  3. i m using international debit card from india then how to recharge the airtel nigeria phone number any help can be done or how to recharge

  4. Hello Alishas, unfortunately, none of the available sites accept international debit card.
    You'll have to stick to buying the recharge vouchers.

  5. hello i wont to recharge using my nigeria master card no way why

  6. Hi hohn, when last did you try paying with your Nigeria MasterCard? I recently used my GTB Nigeria MasterCard and it worked.

  7. I use to buy recharge cards online using my ATM card....its instant and does not require registration.

  8. You have to apply for a GTBank
    "CARD SECURE" an additional security, for your
    Naira Master Card.
    This can be done by obtaining and completion
    of "INTERNET BANKING FORM" and cough out an additional sum of # 3000.00 {three
    thousand Naira only) to enable the Bank issue
    you an Internet Banking Hardware Token.
    This will allow you create for yourself, a
    unique code ( known only to you ). The code
    gives you an additional security while making any online payment transaction.
    For any payment to be authorised on any
    website, the unique code you created has to be
    provided and verified, otherwise, the
    transaction will not scale through.
    With this arrangement, your Naira Master Card is protected from any unauthorised online usage

  9. Hi Desmond, thanks for your comment. I checked the site and it looks quite genuine. And considering that you've actually used it before, now thatz good PR.
    Thanks for dropping by.

  10. Hi TJ, I didn't go through any of the process you listed in order to use my GTB card online.
    As long as you have a GTB card that can access your account from any bank's ATM, then it could be used for online payment without any extra step.

    Thanks for dropping by.

  11. Hey Michael, My GTB card never works on and I'm guessing TJ's own doesn't either... I'm in a hug fix now#SadFace#

  12. Hi mhoo, this is quite saddening.
    Really, I have been paying my Airtel postpaid bill via Quickteller with my GTB Card for over 6 months now (and monthly). I even recently made a payment last week Friday (same Quickteller).
    What errors do you get? Or does it just say transaction declined?

    I am hardly online these days. If you can beep me on 08089382423, I will be willing to call you back and put you through the very steps I take in paying via Quickteller.

  13. I have downloaded the Quickteller app on my fone but can't recharge cos it's telling me no aaccounts found. I have also registered my atm card at an atm machine. What can i Do?

  14. Hi Omotosin, you can look through Quickteller's guide to using their app via this link

    I'm sure this will help as I saw a section on recharging your phone.

  15. pls i cant use my verve skye bank card to recharge

  16. Hi Wale, most ATM cards need to be activated for online transactions. Have you contacted Skye bank?

    You can reach Skye Bank customer service center via
    08069880000 or 01-4482100

    Thanks for dropping by.

  17. I use VISA and my bank is Fidelity and I am wondering how I can buy VTU with this card???

  18. Now, that's an issue I have no answer for (now). I'll try to get you a valid answer.

    Thanks for the comment!

  19. Most banks are now enable customers to use short codes to purchase airtime, very soon quickteller may be used for other purposes but not for buying airtime.

    Reply @Anonymous: You can buy airtime directly from your fidelity bank acount without quickteller, check this informative post


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