Restarting Our Monthly Webinar On Business Intelligence, Business Data Analysis And Microsoft Excel

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The thing in business is you've got to do everything that you can to not just survive but flourish. And last year, I came up with the cool idea of running a monthly webinar on BI, business data analysis and Microsoft Excel. The main idea was to show people what's new and useful, with more focus on the Nigerian environment.

In total, we had two webinars though I had paid for almost a year on the webinar platform. Why? It wasn't easy juggling all. Around February this year, I got buried in so much work that I often forgot to eat. And I kept missing the webinars I had scheduled to host. People would email me and ask about the webinar I announced was holding, and I would have no reasonable reply. So, I suspended the webinar altogether and cancelled the webinar platform subscription.

Midnight today, I was watching a Microsoft Conference video on Power BI and all the new cool things it can do. It brought back the pleasant memories of the first webinar we held -- which was on Power BI. I felt sad about having to shut down the webinar and decided it's worth restarting even though the price is now close to double due to the exchange rate.

This morning I renewed the webinar platform subscription and has promised myself to do at least one webinar per month on what's new and useful in the business intelligence and business data analysis world.

You can join the webinar directory list here so you will always be notified of the coming webinars. You can also share ideas of what you will like me to cover in one of the webinars, relating to business intelligence, business data analysis and Microsoft Excel.



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