Your Most Expensive Gadgets. You'll Be Surprised.

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The most expensive gadget you have is not the one you paid the most money for. It's not the very expensive gift you got on your birthday. It is not the one you borrowed money to buy. And it is not the one you saved for many months to get.

Your most expensive gadget is simply the one you don't use at all.

Anything you buy, no matter the price, and you end up not using it at all. That thing is one of your most expensive stuff you own. 

If you bought a tablet of N30,000 and it looked like a bargain. You felt happy in the beginning about it. It's got same functions as the one your friend bought for N80,000. Then 6 months later, your friend has been using his daily to better organize his life and even use it to take notes during meetings. But your own tablet is sitting in a corner of your wardrobe, looking new. I tell you, your tablet is more expensive than your friend's.

In buying any gadget you should have the same mindset you have towards schooling. You don't suddenly enroll in a school programme - masters, PhD or B.Sc - because the programme is at a bargain price. You don't write professional exam in a field you see yourself not going into just because there is a 50% price slash on the course and exam fee. The same way you shouldn't buy any gadget you don't have a sure need for.

Another good illustration are the clothes and shoes you buy. Nothing make people more unhappy about their wardrobe than to see clothes and shoes they only wore once and don't see themselves wearing again, either because it is now out of fashion or they would rather wear something else. Often they are the result of an Aso-ebi purchase for a friend's wedding or some family event. And regardless of the money they spent in getting them, they don't feel happy about them. But you still see the same people have gadgets they don't use and some still keep acquiring more gadgets they are not sure they'll use, and they don't have the same feeling about them. They would buy any gadget that is on promo sales.

Except you are a gadget collector, then those gadgets you bought and didn't use are your most expensive gadgets.


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