The Main Difference Between Owning Your Business And Working For Another's Business

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"What if some big multinational company offer you a juicy role?"
I constantly get questions like that. 

A lot of people think that the main reason people run their own business full time is to earn more money and comfort. So they think you should go for it if a big well-structured multinational company offers you more money and comfortable working environment (huge benefits). They are wrong.


The main difference between owning your business and working for another's business lies in control. As the CEO of my company I am only limited by my ambitions and knowledge. I am already on the path those big multinationals started on. If I keep growing, breaking my limiting behaviours, become more business savvy, build a strong team, give my business my best and with God's grace, the business will soon be showing up in those multinational's SWOT analysis.

Everyday I am thinking, reading and studying how to grow a big multinational brand. And the one advantage I have over anyone whose time is split between working for someone else and his business (idea) is that I am immediately practicing what I learn. I am constantly making changes. I am constantly evaluating my business and re-strategizing. I am constantly learning the best way -- on the entrepreneurial job. And my livelihood, dreams and future depend on my success. 

Currently, I am doing a re-structuring. I have partnered with over 6 businesses and I already have a very healthy sales pipeline. I am now working on building a core technical team. Also my digital marketing strategy has been very successful. It's generating a steady stream of leads with high conversion rate. I also have a couple of self-running revenue generating systems. Now, I am doing a market and customer segmentation. It's why I am building a core team. Over the past year, I have figured out the different segments of my market. Some segments can be satisfactorily catered for by someone I train and some will benefit from a team of more than one. These are things you can't do while working for someone else, even if you get paid than the CEO of Apple.

Running your own business is like starting a life. Everyone's life is as great as he wants and works it to be. But working for someone else is like pledging your life in service to someone else -- could be a King or a regular person. There will always be a ceiling you can't rise above. And that is the biggest difference. Not money or comfort.


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