How I Get Things Done

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First, this might be a little too unpractical for some of you. Thought I should share in case a few might find it useful.


In a month, I get between 10 and 30 work requests/projects. I am not very good at turning down offers. I end up taking up almost all the projects. Luckily, some drag for more than a month because the other party is taking a rest. But, still, I get a workload that is nearly impossible to manage. 

Then on top of that, I am doing an online MBA. And it is somewhat intensive. Lots of readings do be done and research-like assignments to do. I am two assignments behind in the current module I am doing -- Strategic Marketing. The course book is one small font 365 pages book. You can read it for hours and cover just 30 pages. I don't even do any class interaction. Thank God there's no grade attached to class interactions. Every month I make payment as I was allowed to spread the MBA fee monthly over 20 or so months. So I have to ensure I give it the dedication require or I would be throwing away money monthly.

I also get a lot of emails, phone calls and meeting requests. And no expected monthly income. I still have to hustle for the money I will live on that month and pay for the MBA programme.

It's been close to a year I have been living daily like this, and with God's grace, I have managed to cope well. I have managed to get things done. Though at some price. And below is a breakdown of how:

  1. I don't have work hours. I work anytime, and usually all the time. I found out that I work best early in the morning, late at night and in traffic. But since I began driving myself to almost everywhere, I lost the traffic premium time; instead of being able to use it I am stuck behind the wheel just thinking the same thoughts. But not having a fixed work hours has made me very productive and able to do more. There have been days I finished a client's work at around 3am.
  2. I don't go for social events. That way I get the entire week to myself and my work.
  3. I don't pick calls, read SMS, reply emails or let anyone distract me while I am on any work task. 
  4. I keep a very positive mindset. I don't ever let myself feel overwhelmed. Occasionally, I fail at this and whenever I feel overwhelmed I end up shutting down and just sleeping.
  5. I have a library of reusable materials. Every work I do adds to that library and makes my next similar work easier to do.
  6. I would rather be late than give up. Rather than give up because I can't meet deadline, I simply double up and apologise when I finally deliver past the deadline. 
  7. I have a very understanding girlfriend.
And that's how I get things done.


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