The Beauty In Working Hard

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Not everyone who works hard do so just for the love of more money.


There are some of us who work hard for one of the following three reasons:

  1. We love our work very much and enjoy the time we spend working way more than the time we spend playing
  2. We have a very demanding job that requires working long and hard
  3. We are unfortunately stuck in a terrible job under a terrible boss. And in case you still don't get it, what makes a boss terrible is when he unreasonably doubles your workload and what makes a job terrible is when it demands more than you ought to give.
For me, it's number 1. I would rather be working than partying.

Fortunately, there is a beauty in working hard. And it's not money related. Think of those America has got talent videos you watch on Facebook. The amazing feats that mere mortals like you and I perform. How did you think they achieved it? By some stroke of luck or a little work? NO. They put in long hard work to be that good and perfect. 

Think of those gadgets you can't seem to do without -- your smartphone, your laptop, your car, and so on. Do you think the the people behind their creation work same hours as government staff? Just this month, the CEO of BMW collapsed during a presentation at a global event. I am sure you can guess the cause correctly. Most of the modern conveniences you enjoy are the creation of some extremely hard working people. 

Now think of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Whatsapp. They effortlessly make you connect with others and burn hours daily without noticing. What if I tell you that Facebook daily make changes to the platform. The people there work very hard to make Facebook addictive. Now you don't even have to play a video before you watch it. Pure result of hard work on some people's part.

The beauty in working hard is that it makes you stand out. It makes you truly valuable. It makes remarkable things possible. And if you are fortunate, like me, to work hard for reason number one then you've won a lifetime vacation lottery. 


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