Do What You Can Now For Time And Motivation Are Not Always Around

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Not so long ago, I used to be very happy when I receive emails from people who got to know me through my blog. I would spend a large part of my free time on those days trying to craft an excellent reply. Now the time and motivation are no longer there. But those relationships I built then are still alive and helpful.


Last year, I had a lot of time as I wasn't getting jobs as much as I expected. I spent the bulk of that time making training videos, generating content for my Excel training classes and learning web development. Now I don't have enough time to even sleep. But those videos and content I made last year are generating income for me, and giving me an edge over other Excel trainers.

At the start of this year, I began writing a book on Excel. It was not an easy task. I was writing at odd hours of the day and in between other important tasks. It was very exhausting and I kept feeling I should write about all I know. By the middle of the year, I was able to complete the book. I had a strong motivation then. If I had waited for when I had time, I would still be waiting and the money I have made from selling the book on and wouldn't have happened.

Every stage of my life has always had one of the following four mixes of Time and Motivation:
  1. I have both the time and the motivation
  2. I have just time but no motivation
  3. I have motivation but no time
  4. I have no time and no motivation
And the truth is I suddenly wake up someday and find that the mix has changed. So I try my best to do what I can now before I get an unfavourable mix. Most of the things I am most proud of were the things I started when I had both time and motivation. My blog. Microsoft Excel. And some others I started when I had just the motivation. Especially my business.

It is very difficult to do things you know you should or would find valuable in the future if you lack both time and motivation. Heck, I even have jobs that I know will bring me money and I still can't get myself to do them because no time and no motivation. So you can imagine tasks that won't bring in money now. There will be no reason to force myself to do them.

You can get a lot done with motivation than you can get done by logical reasoning. So whenever you feel yourself motivated to do something and it is something of some commendable value, then do it. Don't try to overthink it or how it would pay off in the future. Just do it. Because when you finally find a compelling enough logical reason to do it, you probably won't have the time and motivation to do it anymore. And that is worse.

Do what you can now for time and motivation are not always around.


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