Where I Get My Motivation From

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This might sound very strange but it is the truth. I get my motivation from dissatisfaction.

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I remember in my final year at university, there was a federal government scholarship just for final year students only. I had an excellent result, I was number two in the department, and one of my friends asked if I had put in my application for the scholarship. I told her I wasn't going to and she was surprised. And more surprised when I told her the reason. I said I didn't want anything from the government and that it has been a tumultuous ride attending a federal government university. I was dissatisfied with the way the government run/ruin everything they handle. After university, I never put in a single application to any government job. Even when my parents were trying to get me one I told them they would be wasting their time. And during my NYSC year when everyone I knew was doing the NNPC job application and I was helping some of my friends fill and submit their applications, I didn't apply. The only government scheme I applied for was the NNPC masters scholarship, I had nothing doing at Bayelsa then and the buzz about it among my friends was loud, so I joined in. Even now I avoid government deals. I focus on private companies. That is how extreme I take my dissatisfaction about anything.

Whenever I ask myself the question: "Is this how I want to continue my life?" Something major changes forever in my life. And I just asked myself that question yesterday. Tomorrow something major is going to change in my life.

It was the same question I asked myself in 2013, it led to my registering my company that year and my plotting my escape from the 9 to 5 world.

Whenever I am dissatisfied about anything in my life and I feel I can change it, I get this mountain size motivation. I go to unreasonable lengths in effecting that change. And most times it becomes a permanent change.

I don't bother about too many things but the few things I take interest in I do with extreme dedication. When I give up on a thing it is permanently and usually after I have given it my best over a long time. And the ones I am yet to give up on, I pursue with feverish fervor.

My favorite quote in the animation movie, Cars, is "I am a precision instrument of speed and aerodynamics". I believe one must be extremely good at whatever he has chosen to be. And to live a life that builds on the huge progress we have made as human race since the stone age. I should live a life of deep value. And any dissatisfaction linked to that gives me a huge motivation.


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