How To Extract Pictures/Images From PowerPoint, Word, Excel and PDF Documents

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Ever needed to send someone a picture or image that is embedded in a PowerPoint, PDF or Word document? Or you want to save the charts in your Excel report as a picture. Well, today is your lucky day. You will be amazed by how very easy it is.

Rightclick on the image/picture you want to extract and click on "Save as Picture"

Same as in PowerPoint, rightclick on the image/picture you want to extract and click on "Save as Picture".

Draw a selection box around the image you want to extract, right click and click on "Take a Snapshot"

Excel is a little tricky. You will have to copy the image/picture to Word or PowerPoint and do the "Save as Picture" from there.

And it gets a little more complicated if it is a chart you want to extract as an image. You will have to paste the chart as Picture in Word or PowerPoint. Below is an example.

And that is how to extract image/picture from PowerPoint, Word, PDF or Excel documents.


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