Build On Your Advantages

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Every one of us has something he is very good at. Skills that come almost naturally. They constitute advantages that put us ahead of many others in a particular field.

I have got some too. 

I just seem to always figure out all computer and internet issues. In fact, there was a time I was freelancing as a computer expert online and would be helping other people from around the whole with their computer problems in exchange for e-hugs and money. And I always get their issues resolved. It is a skill I can't remember how I acquired, it's almost like I was born with it.

I am also extremely good at translating book knowledge to practical knowledge. Since I was a kid, I had a knack for trying out the things I read in books. I remember when I read "Plato's Dialogues" I practiced the Socratic questioning method and a little too much. I became an expert at making people contradict themselves and hate me intensely. I stopped when I was making too many enemies. Regular people would rather see a thing for themselves than read about it. I do the opposite. I read about everything that interests me and in such depth that I get to know as much as seeing it would help me know. I take what I read seriously and often build my life on them.

I always give my best. Even if you hire me to do a job I hate, you can still be sure of my best efforts. That is why I am very selective in what I agree to do. I have this uncontrollable habit of working too hard at whatever I am doing. 

Those are my core advantages. And I try to build on them. They are the reason I chose a business that is IT dependent, heavy on book knowledge and has a steep learning curve. My advantages make it easy for me to follow through regardless of the challenges and do better than most people/businesses. In fact, I am basing my business' differential advantage on technical superiority. With me, you'll get a level of quality you can't get from anyone else in Nigeria. 

You should also build on your advantages.


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