The Huge Benefit of Having A Genuine Passion For What You Do

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There will be many dark days when you'll struggle to see the reward of your work. You will be convinced that your input far exceed the output you get. On those days, the only thing that can keep you motivated is a genuine passion for what you do.



And that is the huge benefit of having a genuine passion for what you do. It keeps you motivated even as you pass through the dark tunnel of your career choice.

This week I had to pull out of a consulting job that got me steady monthly income for the last one year. I can't cope with the stress of working from morning to night everyday anymore, and I needed to let go of my most time demanding projects. On one hand it looked like a terrible decision -- I no longer have a monthly retainer gig. It's back to the beginning. But on another hand, I would rather spend more time doing the things I thoroughly enjoy rather than cutting down on them to give all my time to income generating projects.

I jealously guard my passion and ensure that I do only the things I have passion for. It makes every phase of my life enjoyable regardless of the low output my huge inputs generate.

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  1. Microsoft MVC brought me here.. I needed to hear more about passion and with just few lines, you sent the spear right through my heart. Thank you.

    Wishing you a balance of life (Ends-meet and passion).


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