How To Make The Most Of Your Windows Phone

I recently got a Microsoft Lumia 640 phone. It is a Windows phone. 


It's a lovely phone. And I got it cheap via Amazon. Less than half the price it sells on

So if you've got a Windows phone like me, how do you make the most of it.

Number One
Change your region to USA. Or you won't get some apps in the Store.

Go to settings.

Scroll down to time+language 

Tap on region

Set it to United States

I will also suggest you change the Keyboard (just below the region setting) to English (United States) so that you don't have to dig deep to look for keys like $.

Number Two
Add your Google, Yahoo, Twitter, LinkedIn and Work Email.

Again, it's under settings. Scroll down to accounts.

Number Three
Go to the Store and install the following Apps

Amazon Kindle



VLC Player (plays almost all movie types)

Number Four
Get an external memory card. I got a 64 GB class 10 one for mine. 

Get a pouch for the phone. Protects you from expensive repairs.

And those are my tips for making the most of your Windows Phone.


  1. Nice one Michael..i jst stumbled on this website on the net and I'm impressed. I'm a lumia fan also even though people criticize the OS about the lack of apps compared to android. But all that will soon be history when windows 10 mobile is finally available. I'm currently using a Lumia 830. Pls I need your advice on the best Airtel plan I can use to subscribe on this phone and hope they don't zap it anyhow coz I hear that about Airtel alot. I'll also like to get a Lumia 640 but the price is too high just like you said coz I jst bought the 830 not quite long and I don't that have that much for now but I really like the phone. Pls I could need some enlightenment on how to get it cheaper on amazon and the process. I'm anticipating your reply. Thanks

    1. Hi Kenny,

      Glad to hear you are fellow Lumia fan!

      I got the phone through and ordered through their site selecting the phone on Amazon. It's very cheap on Amazon. Just go to, order it via Amazon and let complete your order and ship it to you. Takes about 7 business days and you'll get the phone for very cheap shipping cost (about $10 to $15).

  2. Ohh !! Thanks Michael. I really do appreciate. Keep up the good work ;)


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