How To Be Creative

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Creativity is a habit. You have to acquire it.


We are born with the capability to be creative. We constantly have creative ideas, But working on our creative ideas is not easy and natural. It often requires a lot of work and stretching beyond our comfort zone. Like someone once put it --  ideas are like babies, they are fun to conceive but painful to deliver. 

Everyone comes up with beautiful ideas. No one lacks ideas. The difference between the creative person and the non-creative person is purely one of habit. The creative one forms a habit of working on his ideas while the non-creative person wonders why no one is implementing his ideas. 

To acquire the habit of creativity, all you need to do is to take responsibility for birthing your ideas. Don't just conceive them. Go through the laborious process of gestation and delivery. Don't complain about why no one else has come up with such an idea. And don't ever say it was your idea if someone eventually implements it. Ideas are dozen a kobo. The creativity lies in implementation. And the moment you begin to go from conception to delivery of your bright ideas, you end up acquiring the habit of creativity.

Also you must learn to not look down on little beginnings. You must understand that it's not where you start that matters but where you aim for that matters. It's the biggest problem most people have in transitioning to being creative. They keep telling themselves that. "It's beneath me", "I am too big for that", "Lol. People are definitely going to make fun of me.", "What would I gain from that?" and "I had better leave it for the kids."

If you always feel too big to start something new, you can be sure that you'll always be on the sideline as others with less capability achieve great things. You need to be humble enough to work on your ideas. You must be humble enough to buy crayons, pencil and a design book, and be creative. You must be humble to tinker with things like a child. You must be humble to look beyond failure. You must be humble enough to try out your ideas. You must be humble to be creative.


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