The Special Thing About Digital Marketing.

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I have been having to do a lot of digital marketing lately. And even reading up on it.


Digital marketing is connecting with potential buyers using electronic means. It includes reaching them through their phones, their computers, the websites they visit, the games they play and every other form on digital activity.

The special thing about digital marketing is there is no minimum entry budget. And in most cases too, there is no economies of scale benefit, unlike the traditional media where your average price goes down the more the flyers you want to print. 

Digital marketing allows you to reach the same people the multinationals with big budgets want to reach and doesn't require you spending much more than you want. You also get free reports of how your marketing campaign is doing and be able to easily figure out how to tweak it for better performance.

It gives you the flexibility to choose as many or as few people you want to reach. And it can be as robust as traditional marketing. You can make your own strategy that will cover all stages of the prospect to customer cycle. You can reach new customers, engage current customers and gain back lost customers using a robust digital marketing strategy. And the best part is that you can easily and reliably measure the performance of every marketing activity you do.

So what is the special thing about digital marketing? It is that it gives the small guys like me the same marketing power and options only the big guys have always had.


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