We Are All Very Hardworking At Something. Most Just Don't Appreciate That Something.

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People easily think that I am very hardworking, more hardworking than some other people. They talk of how I keep up writing daily, how I am always busy and how I work late into the nights. But the truth is that we are all hardworking, at least at something.

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The issue is that most of us do not value that something. 

Who would have thought that writing daily would be easier than spending a few minutes learning French daily. I struggled for more than 4 years trying to follow a regular plan of studying French even when I whittled everything down to just taking a look at any French material daily. Yet I found myself easily writing daily since 2013 even when in the original plan I was trying to see how long I would last before I found it too hard to keep doing. But amazingly I have found it easier and easier to do each day.

Who would have thought that reading a 800 page academic book would be more fun than hanging out with friends. Yet I daily find reading long hours more fun and invigorating than hanging out with friends. Somehow events and long interaction with people drain my energy and make feel like I have lost some hours that day. So I naturally find boring behind the scenes locked up in one corner jobs more fun than a more people facing being everywhere job. 

Now imagine that I stuck to learning French rather than writing daily. Imagine that I got a full-time sales job. Would I look hardworking? I don't think so. You wouldn't even notice any progress or efforts I make. I would be putting in my best but it wouldn't match up to that of most other people. You wouldn't consider me hardworking.

And that is the situation I see a lot of people in. They neglect the things they are natural at and kill themselves over things that undermine their efforts. They want to write daily when they would have made an excellent daily French learning student. They keep comparing how much content loners like me churn out to what they manage to achieve not considering that they are much more socially active. They keep trying to play in a space that they are naturally disadvantaged at, and no one notices their hardwork. 

If you are a gifted talker; you can talk for hours without having a headache. You've got a big edge over me and every other introverts out there. Don't let anyone make you think it's a trivial thing to do. I get headaches after talking for 45 mins. You should figure out value creating ways of using that gift. Soon everyone will see you as hardworking. 

Again, the truth is that we are all naturally hardworking at something. Gifted. You only need to play more in the space you have natural advantages. Don't try to outwit someone else whose natural gifts aren't same as yours. Learn to appreciate whatever you are good at and research hard on how to go big on it. 

Bonne chance!


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