Tools I Use To Keep Up And Engaged With The Digital World

Since about 80% of my clients come as a result of my online activities, I have now focused heavily on learning to to make the most of what the digital world offers. And I have found some tools very helpful in achieving this goal.

Today, I will be sharing with you the tools I use to keep up with the digital world.

1. Google Alerts

I use Google Alerts to keep up with happenings in the fields that matter to me. As you can see in the screenshot above, I have alerts set to monitor happenings in the business intelligence world, business reports and dashboard world, Microsoft world and Microsoft Excel world.

When I was upbeat about Forex, I also had alerts set for latest happenings to the following currencies: Dollar, British Pound, Japanese Yen, Canadian Dollar and Australian Dollar.

I know a friend who used to be a brand manager for Nigerite Limited. She used Google Alerts to stay on top of what the media is saying about her company and public perception of the company.

If you want to play big in any profession or entrepreneurial space, you should set-up a Google Alert to stay informed of all the major happenings there.

2. Think With Google

This is another great tool from Google. It is most useful for digital marketers and entrepreneurs. You get a weekly newsletter of happenings in the industries that matter to you and new methods of reaching prospective customers.

If you have any need to market your business online, then you should sign up to Think With Google.

3. Follow Liker

On my generic (for marketing purposes) twitter account, I now have over 20,100 followers. And I couldn't have gotten them if not for Follow Liker.

It allows me to be active on twitter without being there. I am able to automate tweet posting, following people, messaging people and do some promotion/marketing. I use it to promote my blog and it has been giving me amazing results.

If you are serious about growing your twitter followers and engaging more with people on twitter but have more important things that take up all your time, then Follow Liker can greatly help you. Unfortunately, it is not free.

4. Flipboard

There are some news Google Alerts doesn't pick when given the recommended setting. Flipboard gives you a great visual summary of all the happenings in the fields you want to monitor. And the iPhone app is amazing. If you can get yourself to remember to check it daily, you will always be well abreast of news and opinions in the fields you set a monitoring for.

I'll recommend you set up both Google Alerts and Flipboard.

And those are the tools I can remember for now. But in addition to all these, I also subscribe to newsletters of websites, blogs and digital magazines that cover the news that interest me. Every day I am immersed in a lot of information I care about. You will hardly find me on Facebook or Instagram. Besides LinkedIn, I am always going from one informative blog to another, reading up thoughts of industry leaders and bonus books they offer when I subscribe to their newsletters.


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