Where You Can Learn Programming And Web Design For Free Online

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In the UK and US, some people are pushing to make it compulsory that every child while in school should be taught how to program just as they are being compulsorily taught English and Mathematics. You might think it's extreme but there is a valid reason to it.

Everything is increasingly having a computer in it. It's not just the phones, computers and tablets that use programs and applications. Wristwatches, fridges, TV, cameras, drones, air conditioners, electric cookers and almost all home appliances are beginning to run applications. Increasingly, people who have the ability to program will never run out of opportunities to build something great and very useful. They will always see new opportunities to turn their ideas into gold and perhaps change the world forever like the Google guys and the Facebook guy did.

If there is one thing you can learn that is sure to be of unimaginable benefit it is learning to program, especially web programming. The beginning is often slow and like an uphill task but once you get a hang of it you'll be set for life and doing things that can grow big and change the world.

And to help you on this journey, I have curated places online where you can learn programming and web design for free.

1. Code.org
This is one of those special sites dedicated to teaching everyone -- children, youths and old people -- how to break into the thrilling world of programming. They believe that coding makes you more creative and gives you the ability to give your ideas life. 

2. Codecademy.com

This is one of the most popular site that provides a very interactive and game-like way of learning to program. I have used it and I'm extremely grateful to the people who put in the remarkable efforts to build it and make it available for free to everyone.

3. TheCodePlayer.com
It provides you a video style interactive training on the popular programs that power the web.

4. KhanAcademy.org
This one of the world's most popular site for learning for free. It has one of the biggest course collection in the world and grants you free access to everything. Most important to us right now, it's got a very solid collection of programming courses that will build your competence in programming and web design.

5. CodeAvengers.com
This is another great place to learn to build websites, apps and games. There are some paid courses, but you can learn a lot from the free ones.

Bonne chance!


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