The Benefits Of Our Microsoft Excel Training. Not For Everyone.

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"Seriously, you are a full-time Microsoft Excel consultant?" 

People are often surprised to find out that there's someone living completely off Microsoft Excel and is never short of jobs/projects. But not all of them see the need or benefit of taking a hands-on in-depth Microsoft Excel training. 

Having facilitated several Excel training, for individuals and companies, I found out that an Excel training is not meant for everyone. No doubt, everyone can learn something of possible future use from the Excel training, the fact is that the training requires a certain level of interest in Excel and familiarity with it. And it is the main reason we don't market the training to fresh graduates and people looking just to add a certificate line to their CV.


In structuring our training, the ideal candidate we have in mind is someone who uses Excel at work and is very interested in improving his level of productivity. Such a person gains the full benefit of attending our Microsoft Excel training. And those benefits are:

  • an increased practical knowledge of how businesses use Excel
  • the professional way of making reports and analysis in Excel
  • a thorough understanding of how Excel works (eliminating the common frustrations people have with Excel)
  • a proper knowledge of how the tools they already use works and the extra things, unknown to most people, that those tools do
  • lots of practical business oriented practice-along examples
  • how to use Excel in conjunction with other software (ERPs, CRMs ...)
  • how to make compelling PowerPoint reports from your Excel analysis
  • how to make dashboards that give some life to your data and answer questions
  • how to build great charts and know the rules behind using each chart type (what they are each suited for)
  • learn the formulas that are most important and work on a lot of examples that mirror real business situations
  • a free consultation after the training
As you can see, the benefits will only make sense to someone already using Excel to get results at work. If you belong to that class, you can register for next Excel training here.


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