Got An Invitation To Talk On How To Make A Business Out Of Your Passion

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Today I will be giving a talk on how young people can take their passion and make a business out of it. Then the talk will be transcribed and posted on a very popular blog (will provide the link later). 


I think there are three ways you can live your life:
  1. Safety First way. You try as much as possible to avoid risks and you follow well-worn paths to a life of acceptable comfort. 
  2. Money First way. You always go to the highest bidder. You don't care much about your true passion nor the people you work with, the moment you see a better paying opportunity you leave.
  3. Passion First way. You care more about doing only the things you enjoy. You find it hard to do things you don't have passion for. You place passion for what you do over money and safety.
I wouldn't say any one way is better than the rest. People have very valid reasons for whichever path they follow. I have friends who consider themselves as mercenaries, all that ties them to a job is the money and benefits they get from it and to them it's like adventure, going from one company to another. I also know people who don't want to add to the troubles they already have, they would rather take a secure path than a path full of uncertainties.

Also, there are people who can't seem to live with themselves doing something they don't have a strong passion for. The willingly give up security and assurance of money to get the satisfaction that comes from doing what you love full-time. It is for this category that my advice will be relevant.

Growing up, it is easy to believe that we will end up better than the people around us. It is the main reason students treat their teachers and lecturers with contempt. Then we get to learn of the Time 100 list and Forbes List, and we feel we can make it there too. We grow up and begin to realize that we are becoming the very people we thought we would be better than. Our peers that are doing enviably well are simply lucky, by our judgments. Outside the support of our parents, we find that life is not as easy as we thought. And so we pick a path, either by circumstance or a deliberate decision.

A lot of us start with the path circumstance picks for us. If you are lucky you'll be satisfied with that path. But if you are like me, you won't. And that is why I will give you the following advice on how to pick a Passion First way if that is what you really want.

  1. Start by reading about all the people who followed their passion and made it. Read stories that will inspire you to start on that Passion First path.
  2. Start it gradually. Don't suddenly jump paths. Start doing what you are passionate about part-time. Do it until you have physical proof that you can live on what money it's making you.
  3. Be tolerant to failure. Don't take your mistakes too seriously. It is what will set you apart from others. A professional is one who has made a lot of mistakes and because of those mistakes has become extremely good at what he does.
  4. Be creative. Read wide. Interact with people in your field. Try out new ideas.
  5. Be extremely hardworking. This is the most important piece. Hard work creates its own luck.

Finally, I don't think there is any passion that can't make money. Is it a passion for cracking jokes? For kicking football? 

Good luck!


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