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If you like seeing what amazing things people are doing across the world and the beautiful ideas they've come up with, then there is one place you can be sure to satisfy your idea hunger - TED Talks

Every year, some of the brightest minds who have done amazing things are invited to share their story or amazing ideas with the world. The main event is once yearly and the videos of those speeches can be accessed on the TED website. 

Then there are many other less popular regional events, called TEDx. They are independently organized by some creative minds in a state or city, and try to showcase the amazing things people around them are doing. There is TEDx Ikoyi, TEDx Akure, TEDx Ife, TEDx Lagos, TEDx Garki, You can get the full list of TEDx events in Nigeria here.

And if you've got an idea worth sharing, you should nominate yourself as a speaker (you'll get a better luck with the TEDx events than with the TED one).

Also you can follow happenings and the new ideas being shared via your smartphone. They've got a great app on phones.

You should also check to see if there will be a TEDx event holding close to you, head to this link.


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