Lose Your Fear Of Failure

If you only do the things you are sure you can't fail at, then you are not stretching yourself enough. You are leaving out great opportunities to grow and gain. 

Failure is that struggle you went through while learning to walk as a child. Failure is that embarrassing moments you had while learning to drive. Failure is the awkward moments you encountered while learning everything that is now of huge value to you. Failure is not bad. It is how we react to it that matters. 

You didn't quit trying to walk as a child the first time you fell. You didn't quit learning to drive after your first major embarrassing moment behind the wheel. You didn't give up on your relationships every time there was a problem. You are who you are today because you didn't give up on a lot of things when you failed at them.

Unfortunately, a lot of us still have a strong fear of failure. There are things that are important to us that we avoid going after because we are afraid of failing. We don't want to make mistakes at the things that matter most to us and decide to not attempt them at all. We are glad to make mistakes at greeting in another language; we are okay with making mistakes at setting up a new gadget; we are not bothered by our mistakes at doing trivial stuffs. And so we end up excelling at many trivial stuffs. But the things we most want to get right, we keep postponing because of fear of failure.

You won't try out your business idea. You won't have that discussion with your spouse. You won't talk about the real imperfect you in front of your children. You won't make that decision you've been thinking about for last five years. Why? You don't won't be seen as a failure. You claim that you don't want to leave anything to chance, but deep down you know it's the fear of failure that you is keeping you from acting.

But the moment you lose your fear of failure; the moment you expect failure (like a child) and have your mind set on trying over and over again till you succeed, life becomes more interesting. You will get more of the things you want and build a life you'll be proud of. You'll disappoint yourself and the people around you occasionally; you will have some very bad days; and you will make lots of mistakes. But it will all be worth it. You will no longer wait for permission or a perfect time to go after the things that matter to you. You will become good at getting better fast. You will do things you never thought possible. You will live an exciting life. And you will be proud of who you'll become. 


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