What It Takes To Have A Breakout Success

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The truth is: no one knows. Not even you. And that is why it is a breakout success, because it comes long after you expected it. It's same as saying it comes unexpectedly. You've stopped expecting it when it finally comes.

Everyone lives a tough life. Even the rich royals. If you are normal and want a life you really desire, not one handed to you, then you should brace up for a tough life. Success to you is going to mean something as tough as getting rich is to the street urchin. And the most worrisome part is you are never going to know just how much effort to put in to get to a breakout success. You will always have a roadmap that needs constant update.

You will do want you believe is needed and enough. What you've seen others who have what you want did. And it won't be enough. Then you will do your best, crank up your efforts and give it all you got. Still, it won't be enough. A breakout success will take all you've got and some more. It will drive you nuts and make you keep wondering why what works for others isn't working for you.

A breakout success feeds on your obsession, exhaustion and attention. It comes long after most people would have given up. It rubbishes your research, analysis and plans. It stretches your expectations. It keeps you engaged beyond usual. It wants more than its fair share of you.

What it takes to have a breakout success is all of you and some more.


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