How To Become A Better, Faster and Interesting Writer.

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The one task I consistently beat my expectations about is writing. The moment I put my hands round a pen or place then on the keyboard, it's a new me that takes over. The whole of my brain awakens and I become supercharged. It's more than the effect coffee has on me. I avoid taking coffee and writing creatively at the same time, it gives me a fast heart beat and makes me feel like my head will explode.

There used to be days I wished I was a writer. Those days are over because now I am a writer. I write daily. I no longer hope for the day I will publish a book. I simply know that I will publish a book, and many other books after. 

I began writing creatively in 2004 and have always been impressed by the articles I create. So I can say I took to writing effortlessly, like finding what has always been within me. But to become a good, fast and interesting writer, I did some work and learned from the masters.

In this post, I will be sharing with you four tips that will make you a better, faster and more interesting writer.

  1. Write before you learn. The biggest mistake you can make as an aspiring writer is to want to learn every rule and style before writing. It doesn't work that way. You have to write to discover your style and become better by editing your work. You don't learn first and write later; you write and learn at the same time. So you have to write as much as you would if you knew all the rules and could make no mistake.
  2. Read other people's works. You have to expose yourself to the works of others, see their style and steal whatever appeals to you. And just as a course on Physics will begin with theories propounded over 600 years ago and gradually build up to theories recently discovered, so also your reading should include classics. You will learn more from books that made it through hundreds of years than books that are hype grown. And you will be able write the type of articles that can survive hundreds of years.
  3. Read books on grammar and style. There will always be mistakes you'll make that experience can't correct or even make you aware of. Only knowledge can point them out to you and help you fix them. So you have to read on grammar and writing. Writing is more than penning down your thoughts, it's more about communication. You want to pass across an idea not just some words. It is a deep knowledge of grammar and style that will enable you achieve that.
  4. Write daily if you can. Just make sure you write creatively as often as you can. It burns into a practical skill all the knowledge you have acquired from reading on grammar and style. It makes you a faster and better writer. It is the only way to becoming a professional writer.
And those are my four tips for becoming a better, faster and interesting writer.

Happy handover day!


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