The Vain Side Of Me

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I know someone who collects books. That's the vain side of her. Books, especially the hardcover ones, are a priced possession to her. When she talks about books you'll think they are more than the books you see daily. 

For many people, it's money. Money turns them to chameleons. Their personality fluctuates when money is involved.

For some, mostly non-Nigerians, it's paintings. They spend a fortune on paintings. 

For some ladies, it's bags and shoes. Shopping for bags and shoes is like a chronic disease that they've got. I've once met a guy who says his is watches, but I don't believe him.

And me?


Well, I read books not love books. I seldom read a book twice and almost never ask back for books I lend out. So books aren't the vain side of me. And money. Sincerely, I care less than most people about money. You can dangle a million dollar cheque in front of me and it won't have any effect on me or even influence my smallest decision. My money making activities are motivated by the drive to proof to myself that I can do it too. That I can build a successful business that generates lots of money. I have never wanted money just for it's own sake; just to be rich. And I'm a typical Nigerian, I can't spend a lot on paintings.

So what's the vain side of me? What is the one thing I love collecting? What is the one thing I seek more for it's own sake that for it's value? What's the one thing I never seem to have enough of? What is the one thing I can bore you to death and back to life talking about? It's ideas.

I love collecting ideas. I've got an affinity for ideas. Spend 10 mins with me and I'll be digging out the dormant ideas in you. The statement I've heard the most in my life is, "You're the only one I've told this." The good part is I don't do anything with your ideas beyond encouraging you to pursue them or helping you refine them. I've got more than my own fair share of internally generated ideas. And I'm always generating more each day. And I occasionally spend a fortune on those ideas, to bring a few to life. 

To properly put it: The vain side of me is following some of my numerous and always growing list of ideas. Not because of the merit I see in them but just to try them out.

Happy May day!


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